Happy Birthday to me!


I’m another year older! I know I haven’t updated the template yet, but I’m working on it, I swear! I’ve been kinda busy, though! I’ve had some out of state friends come and visit! Meghan, you prolly know him as Donnie the fix-it guy on your blogger, and his wife Alicia, came to visit me for my birthday!

Today we’re gonna go to the zoo!

Lastnight we went to Huntington beach for a look around, then to my parent’s place and chatted there for a while. Then, to Panera’s and after we took Alicia back to the hotel for a nap, and Donnie and I walked around the mall and made fun of stuff. We went out to dinner with my parents next, and then out to the flats to meet up with some of their friends.

We got into Shooters and who did I run into? Heather S. She actually cut her hair and looks a lot … I donno, more…grown up, I guess. Weird to see her, for sure. I wished her a happy birthday since hers is the day before mine, and she wished me one too and we parted ways. It was really weird to see her, to be sure.

Ok, off to shower so we can go zoo’ing!

More later!

Yadda yadda..

I’ve decided that before I explain what’s happening in my world that I’m going to redo this Blog and make it more summery.

Hey, does anyone remember where we used to get those silly polls from?

I can’t remember!

Out with the Old..

Can’t find the other posts from my blog? Well, you’re not getting more stupid, they’re gone!

That’s right, folks! Gone. I deleted them because they reminded me of my OLD life.

Be prepared for all the new entries and a better explination when I have the time.

*shakes her fist at Blogger* There was a HUGE post, but it disappeared forever lost to the page “error” gods.