Church n’ Stuff

*yawn* Well, I got up early to go to church with my mom today and fold church newsletters. Some new lady was there and messed us all up so I had to take some extra time to reorganize all the addressed letters after she left. Way to mess up the flow, lady! And she kept calling my mom Ally. So I said to the lady next to my mom, “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I thought your name was Ann! Here it’s Ally.” she says, “It is Ann, dear. is calling your mom Ally.” and I was like, “Ohh..” and then my mom’s like, “Oh! Was she talking to me? My name’s Ellie.” and the woman’s like, “Ok, Ally.” Eesh. Well, whatever! Hehehe!

My mom would really like me to join her church, but there have been a few things that I’ve been looking at lately that I don’t particularly like about it.

1.) There aren’t any people below age 40. Who am I suppose to relate to?

2.) The pastor has said some things (albeit I heard this from someone else and not straight from the horses mouth) about being against interracial marriages.

3.) The pastor has oked a petition to be left at the church for people against gay marriages.

Ok, I was brought up to believe that church is where EVERYONE is welcome, isn’t it? Who am *I* to judge someone else’s lifestyle? That’s between that person and God. There are some things I do not agree with, but I really try not to force my opinions and beliefs onto other people. I thought being a pastor he’d be a little more welcoming. I happen to know that one of the ladies at the church has a gay son. How do you think she’d feel if we all signed that petition? I think it’s sad, and I’m really debating being apart of something like that.

So, I’ve booked a vacation. August 13th I’ll be gone until the 16th. Thank goodness for cheap airplane tickets!

Vacation Time Yet?

Well today was somewhat uneventful. My mom and I sat around watching tv this morning which consisted of Judge Mathis, Divorce Court, then the Maury Povich show. Dern Maury is making us watch tomorrow, too! He did this show (as usual) on teenagers that are pregnant and their making the guys that won’t help with child support take a paternity test. Tomorrow we hear the results. *shakes her fist at Maury*

Then I got ready and went to church with my mom to help out with the coffee and stuff for after a memorial held at the church. It was a really nice service, and the last speaker, after he spoke, missed the step down from the podium and nearly fell. I know it’s TOTALLY disrespectful, but dangit I couldn’t help but smile, especially when my mom yelps out, “Oh no!” and makes people look back in our direction. I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. And, as I was told during the sermon, the man that passed away was a great prankster and had a great sense of humor, so maybe he’s laughing from heaven with me, right? I think so.

So as my mom and I are taking our walk tonight she starts telling me about all the things that my dear brother David has told her. She said that he had asked her if his friend Joanis could come and stay for a while because they were doing a big job around this area.

Now, I feel that I should take a moment to explain Joanis. He’s the smelliest, most disgusting YET NICE person I’ve ever met. He showers and STILL smells. His breath is like a cat died in there somewhere between his teeth, and like… crapped or something… and he’s just… like… gross. Not to mention, David’s (smellier) clone. They dress exactly alike, same glasses, same…geez, everything!

Ok, on with the story. So my mom says that if he says he HAS to sleep in David’s room with him because since I’m here, she doesn’t want to irritate my delicate sensibilities and have him sleep on the couch, like he has in the past. David’s reply to this was, “Well, Jenny and I have been getting along lately, and I don’t want to upset that.” We have? The last time I spoke to him he said he wanted me to leave the house! So, ok.. now that I have a LOCK on the door to my room (because I don’t trust him or his old whore girlfriend, Paula, when I’m not at home) … NOW we’re “getting along”. Truth be known, I don’t have enough energy to spear him with glaring looks all day, nor do I really care what he does or where he wants me to be. And, to top that off, my mother bought it! Will wonders never cease?

This would most definately be a perfect time to take a vacation. Yes, yes it would!

More to Come

Mmhmm, that’s right. Very tired. I walked 3 miles tonight, then road the same 3 miles on bike.

So we got the pictures from Iowa back today and I went through them. There are some barely tolerable ones of myself (my motivation to walk & bike) and then some adorable ones of my sister and her kids.

Wait till you guys see them… they’re so cute!

Ok, nigh-night time for me… sweeeeepy time. Mmmmmm.

Number puzzle

The object of this next puzzle is to figure out what the pattern of the smaller (not bold) numbers are. One of the numbers is incorrectly bolded. When you figure out which one, go to that number puzzle.

(Number thing missing because I was too miffed at it to look at it here, too.)

Ok, this puzzle was given to me… but for the life of me I can’t solve it.  I know there has to be a pattern, but I’m just not seeing it.

Numbers are evil.

Special Someone

Ever have one of those days where someone says something that warms you from head to toe?

Special Someone says: you mean so so much to me baby.

Yeah, … I’m having one of those days. He means more to me than I thought anyone ever would.

More later!

Vacation Needed

The week before last Bob went to the doctors to get something on his cheek looked at. He’s had some problems in the past with skin cancer and such, and sometimes gets things on his face that need to be removed. Personally I think it’s because he doesn’t scrub his face hard enough, it looked like a booger on his cheek! But I digress. She thought his face was too blotchy and recommended he start a treatment that’s a chemotherepy for skin. It’s a cream he has to put on his face twice a day to draw out what could develope into cancerous ickiness later.

So on saturday he started doing this face cream thing. It can make his face itchy and hurty, but he’s such a pessimist that he’s sure it will. So because he’s anxious about it, and because he talked to his son the day before which always makes him nasty, he’s been EXTRA annoying. I try my hardest to ignore his glares and nastiness, but there’s only so much I can take. Yesterday we were watching this show about ice cream, and he said something about how Mitchell’s makes their ice cream and when I disagreed he said, “YES THEY DO!” and I was like.. whoa and said nothing more. We had company over, my brother Van and his girlfriend, at the time so I didn’t want to get into it. So my mom had asked Van about a certain problem we’d had with a button in the car, she was checking on what he suggested and said, “Well, maybe the car has to be on.” Bob said, “We’ve always had it on in the past.” I said, “No, the last time I did it I was holding the keys in my hand so I know you don’t need the car on.” He scowled and said, “YES WE HAVE!” Ok, I just had a week with screaming kids… I don’t need another. I leaned in the car and said, “You guys go have ice cream, I’m not going. Bob’s being mean for no reason and I’m not dealing with that.” My mom didn’t want to go after that, … I felt bad, but there’s no way I’m dealing with that stuff. I hope he apologizes, too.

So, as I was brooding in the bathtub taking my bath I decided now is the perfect time for a little mini vacation. Just a few days. The air fares are SUPER low right now. Yep, I think it’s definately time for a vacation.

Bumps & Bruises

Kinda blurry, but this is bruise #1 by Wesley. Posted by Hello

That bruise is on my leg where he decided to use it as a trampoline!

Ha! Well, yesteday was Tara & Ryan’s big “wedding day” even though they’ve already been married for nearly or over a year, I donno which. They had it in Canada, in Kelowna, B.C., and Colin has told me that her wedding dress was alot like Meghan’s bridesmaid dresses, accept it was off white.

He said “Tara’s dress made her look like she had a massive spare tire.” You see? There is a God! Though it would have been way better if she’d bent over some time during the ceremony and a seam ripped, but… a bulging gut is good enough for me! I’m not bitter… no… not at all! 😉

Today is one of those cloudy nap days… so that’s just what I’m gonna do. Maybe I’ll write more later.


A visit to Iowa

Alright, well…. I went to visit my sister this week with my parents.  We left around noon on Monday and drove to Iowa and stayed in Waterloo for the night, which is about an hour away from my sister, and then drove the rest of the way Tuesday morning.

We brought 2 dozen doughnuts, half with chocolate icing the other half glazed, and a dozen of Panera Bread’s cinnamon crunch bagels. Oh yeah, and chocolate for Taylor.  Can’t forget the HUGE bag of chocolate.

Monday was a total drag, I was getting tired around 10:30 and wanted to find a hotel so my mom (who can’t drive at night) said she’d start looking.  So we pass a major city with tons of hotels but don’t stop because she’s all distracted looking around and not looking at the signs.  That’s kind of irritating, especially when I’m SO tired, and then we get to Waterloo after and HOUR and we pass it up… good thing I-380 dead ends there or I would have been screwed.  So we go to the city, get a room and crash.  Ok, so I know they’re renovating some Super 8 motels because the one down the street from me was just done and looks great! We got some really icky one, and I had 2 double beds and chose the one that had clean sheets instead of the one with yellow spots. Can we say disgusting? Yeah, I think so.

Tuesday we get to Kimmy’s and wow… she’s is SO anorexic. I don’t care what she says, she’s 98lbs and 5’5″.  She looks like a walking skeleton.  How she actually managed to have a child with the lack of food she consumes is beyond me.  But I really missed her, and I know that alot of why she’s like that is because of her ex.  She told us that he’d say, “Oh, are you in your sweats cause you gained a pound?” and I think it’s hard for her to get out of it. She says it’s because the kids keep her moving all the time, but I donno.  I mean, yeah.. she has 6 kids….but still… 98lbs? That seems kind of extreme. I got to meet some nephews and my neice that I’d never met, I played with them and they used me like a trampoline. That’s right, they jumped alllllll over me. It was still a good visit, but I was ready to go to the podunk motel at the end of the day.

Wednesday was pretty much the same as the day before, we went to the store before hand to give my sister some time to wake up and stuff, but no one was really awake before we got there. And we didn’t get there until around 11am.  Apparently the kids were all awake until the wee hours of the night playing. We went to dinner at the resturant were my nephew works, but didn’t even get there until around 9:30-10:00pm and they stayed open just for us so we felt like tools just ordering hamburgers.  Bob left the waitress/owner a $25 tip. I was definately ready for the motel room that night.

Thursday was our last day, we’d decided the day before we weren’t staying very late. The day before had been kind of taxing and we were really tired.  We had to make the 1 hour trek back to Waterloo that night, and we didn’t want to do it in the dark because we didn’t know the exit to take. Around 4:30pm we went to the farmer’s market, which consisted of a couple tables with veggies, and my sister said as she was getting into her car, “I’m so glad you guys are gonna be here for a cook out!” so as my mom gets in the car she says, “I guess we’re staying later… ” and then explained why.  We couldn’t talk too much because the kids were in the car with us, so she explained a little later and we decided to stay…obviously.  I got eaten by mosquitos and had 2 hot dogs, and an argument with Spencer, the 7yr old.  He was swinging on the baby’s swing and was making them cry on purpose. So, after he kicked me in the stomach from the swing, I yanked him off and told him NEVER to kick me ever again.  I was disappointed my sister didn’t say anything when he kicked me, and I felt bad that I had to argue with him just before leaving, but he can’t just go around kicking people….and especially not the aunt he just met, for heaven sake.  As we left  that night my mom said, “Spence,…we’re not coming back…come say goodbye.” he gets on his bike and says, “See ya.” and zooms off.  As we’re driving away my mom thinks if my sister hadn’t been standing there he would have given us the finger.

Friday was a good day, we drove home and…yeah….we drove home.  I have several bruises, scratches, and some wierd stuff I can’t get out of my hair as proof, but I wouldn’t give any of it up for the world. 

The Zoo

The zoo was great, we saw polies (polar bears), jumping monkeys, sleepy cats, itchy bears, HUGE wolves, and many other fun things. I got a hat with horns on it cause Dodge was there. Alicia got to test drive a new durango (which I might add was WAY nice) that was, of course, fully loaded. I was going to drive something, but the course was too scary looking after riding along with Alicia. No… I don’t like going really fast and slamming on the breaks. No thank you!
Alright, so alot of people don’t really know about my current “situation” and it’s really time I explain, don’t you think?
Colin and I are getting a divorce. We’ve really been seperated for hrm… a little over a year now. Haven’t slept in the same bed, etc, etc, etc. I’ve put on my social mask for too long. His family didn’t know what hit them when I left, and my family knew it was coming because I’ve been crying on the phone for about as long as we’ve been seperated.
My mom asked me not to tell my siblings or any of my friends, why I’m not sure, but in her head I think she was hoping things would mend. She didn’t understand the finality of my decision until I explained my situation in Canada better, but she (and the family that knows) has stood behind me 100%.
So now it’s time that the truth comes out. I’m sorry for not saying something to my close friends in person (Meghan), I’ve wanted to for a very long time, but I didn’t really know how. It’s embarrassing, to be truthful. My husband, whom I should never have to worry about cheating, cheated! I’m not bitter, not not hateful.. I’m …indifferent now. “Now” being the key word here. As I’ve been told, the opposite of love isn’t hatred, it’s indifference. You have to love someone enough to hate them… and I’ve got nothing left in me for Colin. Absolutely nothing.
The irony of it all is that NOW he wants me back! I was there at his fingertips and he didn’t want to try. Didn’t want to go to councelling, didn’t want to talk to HIS parents and get advice, and wasn’t sorry. He told my mom on the phone one night, “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be married or not for a year. Now I know I want to be married.” That statement there pretty much explains the “relationship” I’ve been in since HE cheated on me. When his mother found out she told him how he was suppose to be, and then all the sudden he WANTS to be married. Yeah, … sure! Let me put myself through hell again, please? I’ve not been through enough! Rake me over the coals some more! Ha!
He calls quite often and I’m not mean with him, I’m civil. I don’t lead him on, though. I have never, and will never, give him false hope. That’s #1, bad Karma, and #2 not something any good person (no matter how badly wronged) would do. You just don’t mess around with someone’s heart & emotions.
So where am I now? Well, I’m in the process of filing for the divorce, it won’t go to court with lawyers and such (as long as he’s a good little boy and signs on the dotted line) and if it does, then he’ll be mighty sorry. Cheating = alimony.  As of now I left with less than what I went there with and it’ll stay that way as long as …..well, you get the point.  I really don’t want all those things. They remind me of the tainted relationship that was nothing but a lie for a very long time. But I’ll have absolutely no problem selling them to start my new life!
Secretly, my family doesn’t know (although I’m pretty sure my mom does) I have another relationship brewing.  I know alot of you are likely sitting there with disapproving looks on your face.  “It’s too soon.” you’re likely thinking.  Well, …not really. A year of no emotional attachments to anyone, of being told I’m a burden, yadda yadda… I’m proud of myself for moving on.  If you don’t approve, I’m sorry, but I’m very happy. And no one can live my life but me.  So, be happy for me! I’m not going to say much more because I really don’t want to jinx things!
On the plus side, I’ll be around for my Meghan’s baby being born. (That’s if she’s still speaking to me after she reads all this!) My parents have asked me to stay at their house for the winter to take care of it and the dog.  So here is where I’ll be for a looong while.