Instant Messenger Mayhem!

Not too long ago (ok it was in January) I had this conversation with an ex-GM of SOE (Sony Online Entertainment). He was fired for reasons unknown and stalked me afterwards because he’s a desperate online-gamer geek and I’m female. Need I say more?

The conversations we had via IM were never very long, it was the usual “Hey, how are you?” “Good, you?” “I’m alright, thanks for asking.” type thing. Though if I were to really portray how he talked it would likely be more like, “H3yzz0rz, how r u?” but I’ll save you from that crap.

So anyway, I was reading through some old log files when I happened across this chat session that I’d cut and pasted for someone else to see so we could both laugh at him and my response. So, for those that didn’t get a chance to see it, here it is:

[14:17] Jeff: =P
[14:17] Jenny: Hey… what’s up?
[14:19] Jeff: Um, Me of course… Just workin.. What about you?
[14:19] Jenny: You’re up?
[14:19] Jeff: Yah, Really horny today. =/ It sucks..
[14:21] Jeff: TMI? kik
[14:21] Jenny: Yeah, I’d say so.
[14:21] Jeff: =P Isnt my fault =P
[14:21] Jenny: Why not?
[14:22] Jeff: Cause it isnt as though I wanted it to happen =/
[14:27] Jenny: I think, perhaps, that you picked the wrong person to tell. If you’re looking for a hole to plug, you’re going to have to go elsewhere. I’m not that kinda girl, and I don’t talk to your kinda guy. Infact, the thought of your “being up” is more than enough to make me retch. Pig.
[14:29] Jeff: Um.. WoW… I think someone woke up on the wrong side of the planet today… I never said anything about wanting you, Or anything of that nature… You live HOW far away from me? Undoubtedly I will never meet you in my life… So I am sorry if you took that was too personally…
[14:29] Jenny: I feel sorry for your female coworkers, or any other female you might be in contact with. You really need to learn some manners, grow up, and get a life.
[14:30] Jenny: I’m sick of internet creeps like you ruining it for girls that just want to have a nice CLEAN conversation with people. It’s because of your kind that I have an ignore list. Welcome to it.

Man, I was on a roll that day. It still makes me laugh!

Picture Time!

Alright, first on the block is my nephew Tyler. He’s so hilarious, and my proof is his graduation photo, professionally taken in school.

He’s happy…. really, he is.

My brother had to bribe him with hot wheels to get him to wear the cap and gown again for the actual graduation.

Just a little ray of sun shine, wouldn’t you say? What can ya do? If he hates the cap and gown, he hates the cap and gown! Besides, I’d be scowling like that too if I had some lady with claws making me wear a stupid paper hat.

If dillweed would send my photo albums back to me, I could show how similar Tyler and Keith are… but alas, he can’t even handle filling out divorce papers without mumsy and daddy’s help, so I can hardly expect a few photo albums being shipped. I mean, it’s only been a year.

On that bitter note, I shall move on to the next picture.

I thought perhaps not showing all of B-renda’s face that I might have been unjustly making her look bad.

Buuuut… I wasn’t. Proof is in the puddin’. Can you see the 5 o’clock shadow and the beginnings of a mustache? Can we say… electrolysis? I’ve yet to get the nerve to actually touch it and see if it’s scruffy, but I will!

What the mudder-feek is wrong with my brothers?

Rights Reserved!

In the past few weeks I’ve moaned and complained about my family (namely my sister) numerous times, I admit. Being that this is a journal of sorts, that’s what a person does in it, no? Well, granted it’s open for public comments, yadda yadda, I expect more from people I know better than just the average blogger/internet user that happens across my blog.

There are very few exceptions made for comments like:

“Your family needs shock treatment, fo shizzle.” to be followed by,

“My parents are surprisingly well adjusted.”

Granted my parents are not the sanest people in the world, but they love me, and just about every other human on this planet so saying they need shock treatment…. that’s not nice. I reserve all rights for such comments about my family, and those who I allow to make such comments know who they are (don’t worry Meghan, Meghan’s family, & Keith this means you) The rest of you need to keep things like that to yourselves unless you’d like me to unleash the demons. Believe me, you don’t want that.

Now, I need to go poor Bob’s salt down the drain so he stops using it.

You see what happens when you declare war?

Oh the tangled web we weave…

My sister called again lastnight.

Her lies are becoming– scratch that– have been ridiculous. She’s such a liar that there’s no way to tell what part of what she’s saying has any truth to it at all.

She says Derek “ran away” and she hasn’t seen him for 10 days. Well, number one, if he did run away, good for him. But at 18 it’s called leaving home, not running away. Also, she made the mistake of reminding me it couldn’t have been 10 days ago because he called my brother Keith only 5 days ago… from home. Not to mention, Keith told us yesterday that Kim talked to him and said that she would have Derek call him lastnight, but she wasn’t sure if he could because her phone was being disconnected.

Yeah, nice try there, Kim.

Oh, and I forgot the best part of Derek’s run-away letter. To quote her it said, “F*** Jennifer and F*** the rest of the family. I’m leaving.” Mmm-hmm, that’s right! His favorite (and only) aunt got special mention in his fictional run-away letter!

Ha… anyway, she went on to say she hoped I was happy that her kids were being taken away from her in 2 days. They were going back to Michael, her abusive, drunkard, ex-husband. This, apprently, is also my fault…. somehow. Of course, she probubly didn’t think that lie through very well. What court would give custody to a man who has had a restraining order against him for years? Unless that was a lie too. In any case, yet again, something of this magnatude would likely have been mentioned in her call to my brother Keith, but alas, it wasn’t.

Hmm… a lie? Umm….yes. But you know… if they are being taken away from her, good. They don’t have a stable home enviornment there. All of them will be going through the system if they don’t get out of there sooner or later. Spencer is already getting into fights regularly.

Now for my favorite one. Her supposed heart attack. Yep, this is how she got through to my mother to begin with. She needed all her information about what sort of cancers she’s had, etc. And you know, I knew she was lying when she said it, but being that she’s my sister I thought maybe she really did need that sort of information. Boy, that’s the last time I worry about that crap. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Well… shame on me. Lesson learned.

So yes, because I wouldn’t let her speak with our mother, whom she called her “banker”, her life is turning to shite and apparently it’s all my fault.

The most frustrating part of all this is, while I’m absolutely willing to take any blame that’s mine, I was really just the messenger in all this. My mother and David aren’t totally blameless, yet both of them get to say they have no idea what’s going on when they’re questioned about it. Mind you, I did some investigating of my own when she had her supposed heart attack, but I never made up anything that I learned from that.

So, if you have a sibling that gives you trouble, just remember… it could be worse. You could have my sister.

Fake heart attack bill: $0.
Price of your family: $1400.

Phone being shut off: Priceless.

Hobbies & Stuff

Well, I have to say I was shocked to find out my kitty is a super hero! I was outside with mom, and as usual had the camera with me so I could take pictures of our mommy sparrow’s babies in the backyard. I gave her a plastic bag earlier in the day and forgot how hard she plays with them… wierdo kitty.

Fighting evil bugs and little rodents for the greater good of our household!

Her tail was in one handle, and her head was out the other. Funniest thing she’s done in a while!

It was about 90 degrees here today so I gave Tresse a bath in the driveway. She was tuckered out afterwards and layed down, putting her head in the towel. Hard life being a dog, wouldn’t you say?

Mommy Sparrow just after she fed her babies. More baby pictures soon, hopefully!

& Mommy House Wren – we’re not sure she has babies or if she’s getting ready to have them.

New Diet Plan?

Well, it’s not a huge secret to those that know me that I’ve gained weight since…. I donno, if I say High School that might be too far back, but not entirely wrong since I *have* gained weight since high school…. but who hasn’t right? RIGHT!?

Alright, that’s more like it.

Anyway, I’ve been trying feverishly– cancel that– half-heartedly to lose weight since my return from Canada. Now, when I look in my “good mirrors” which are the ones in my bathroom I don’t feel I look all that bad. Then the harsh reality hits when I venture out in public, and say, catch a glimpse of myself in the hair dresser’s “realistic mirror”… those mudder-feekin’ truth telling mirrors need to be smashed!

Alright, so I know I’m a stress eater, and I eat when I’m really bored. The thing that’s bad about that is that my life is full of stress right now, one of them even being my weight! Every time I get the right mind frame I feel like the people I live with (being my family) submarine my attempts and my will-power.

I read that if I’m weak willed I shouldn’t surround myself with things that will make me fail. In other words, badness sugar-filled foods. Unfortunately, I don’t live alone and my family has less will-power than I do.

So, what does someone in my situation do? I’ve no clue and I’m in a downward spiral here. I don’t want to be one of those ladies I look at when I go out and say to myself… that’s going to be me. So, wish me luck with a new week. This house is going on a diet! Even if I have to steal away in the night and throw the bad things out.

P.S. Bob has been really pissing me off lately. So, to get back… I unscrew the little night-light bulb in the front hallway’s light. Today I’ve unscrewed it a total of 3 times, the third time I actually took the bulb OUT of the socket and set it in the little light fixture to be more bothersome. I know it’s petty, but it makes me feel better.

Saturn, Mercury, & Venus updated!

Facing WNW – on June 7th, at about 30-40 minutes after sunset we’ll have a sliver of a moon with Venus directly to the left of it. Up a little further and to the left you might see Saturn! If you have a clear, unabstructed view of the horizon, like over water, you might be able to see Mercury making it’s appearance.

Same time, same direction, on June 8th the cresent moon will be easier to find because it will have moved up above Venus. It’ll also be slightly larger and according to Jack Stargazer guy, breath-taking.

Same time & direction on June 9th the cresent moon will be parked right along side Saturn.

Now… towards the end of the month on June 24 (same time and direction) Saturn will move way down, and Mercury will move way up in the heavens and be so close together that you should be able to hide them with your little finger at arms length!

Then, for the next 7 nights Mercury and Venus will be less then 1 degree apart from each other. Mercury & Venus will get closer to one another and Saturn will drift further away.

Now for the really kewl night.

On the 27th (same time & direction) Venus and Mercury will be so close they may appear to look like one star! They won’t be this close again until the year 2070! If you have a pair of binoculars, Jack suggests you use them.

And now my good deed for the day is done, enjoy the sky!

Pink roses..

In my life I’ve had some interesting friendships and relationships. I’ve been told I laugh too much, and that I’m not smart, and in the past those things would have eaten away at me and made me want to change who the core person inside me was.

I’ve decided that I’m at the age where I need to surround myself with people that are genuine and caring, not out to make themselves look good.

So I dedicate this post to my close friends, and my honey Keith. They’ve shown me that I can’t please everyone all the time, and that I should just be myself because they love me for who I am.

What inspired me to write this?

Pink roses from Keith!

Why? Just cause he was thinkin’ about me.

Thank you, Keithy! I lubs you.

The good, the bad, and the ugly…

Well, first we’ll start with the good. I ordered a pair of flip-flops online for my mom, b-word, and myself today!

They’re called sugar shoes!

Now, I know you think.. so what? They’re a pair of flip-flops. You’d be soooo wrong, though. They’re the MOST comfortable shoe I’ve ever owned. I bought a pair in Florida this spring and they even come with little patches incase they rip. Too cute! They have a ton of different styles too, some with heals. Once your foot hit these flip-flops, you’d totally understand my obsession. Anyway, those are them and they’re my goodness.

Now, on to the bad.

My sister called today in hopes that I was born yesterday by saying, “Is Ellie there?” Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I hear my siblings voice on the phone, I pretty much know it’s them. So I’m like, “Who is this?” which isn’t like me. I have pretty polite phone ettiquette and usually say, “May I ask who’s speaking?” but anyway, she says as she realizes I’m not that addle-brained, “It’s Kim, is mom there?” to which I responded with, “No, she’s not.” and she glumly said, “Ok fine, bye.”

My poor little idiot, do you really think I’d let you stress our beloved mother out? Think again, my dear…. and take your little dog Toto … err… Derek… with you. Don’t misunderstand my words here, while I totally hate what she’s trying to do, I don’t hate my sister or my nephew, I just think there’s a time in life where you have to start thinking of someone other than yourself, and she’s gotta start sometime! But that’s the bad!

……unfortunately… it gets ugly.

Yup. So, I’m about to hop in the shower when the phone rings. Being the only one to answer it I ran to pick it up. It was Michelle, or ‘chelle as we call her, asking for my mom. I hesitated a moment to let her at my mom, but… she’s been pretty straight-forward and nearly always genuinely caring, so I handed the phone over. Now, calling here and pretending to be someone else… that’s weird. But then calling our poor, soft hearted, misguided brother and CRYING to him about how evil I am… that’s quite another thing.

Apparently Derek called and wanted to talk to Grandma sooooo bad, but mean ol’ Aunt Jenny wouldn’t let him! Evil, evil me! Now, my brother has known me for all of my 27-nearly-28 years, and I’m the freakin’ most caring person (atleast he better say that!) and yet he believed our crooked little nephew when he said I called him a peice of trash. Now… I might be thinking angry name-calling thoughts, but trash never crossed my mind, …. I’m much more creative!

Anyway, apparently I can’t just keep this between me, David, and my mom. I have to tell the world that my sister’s an evil jerk. Dude, is $1000-something dollars worth destroying your family bonds? I’d thought better of her.

Brand New Digs!

That’s right! I’ve long been waiting to get some time to redo my blog and here she is. Though I have to pay some credit to Oh, Deir! for the pin-up idea seeing as I got it from her and went on the great hunt for the painting used at the top there.

So, with the new digs came some changes. No more shout box. Who used that anyway? In place of that lame-arse thing are my archives. No more emotion things, they’re too much of a pain in my rear to post. I added a few other things to the side to make it feel more new, and voila! We have the new and improved Bunny’s Babblings.

Now, on to more exciting stuff (well, for me!)!

As promised I took some pictures of my baby robins.

There’s just 2 little guys in there from what I could see. So either my brothers thought they saw 3 eggs when there was really 2, one of those little sweeties were sleeping, or we lost one. In any case I’ve yet to hear those little guys cry! When I went to take an up-close picture (which is in my Flickr album to the left) they must have thought I was mom. Right after I took it, they popped their heads out for me. This picture was taken through a crack of an opening in the front door, and also through the storm door… but you can see them! Little cuties.

Well, I wasn’t able to sleep lastnight for some unknown reason so I went downstairs to watch a little tv so my mind wouldn’t race and drive me crazy. Big mistake. Have you ever watched TV to make yourself tired, only to find something interesting to watch and it makes you wanna stay up? Yeah, well.. that happened to me. For some mudder-feekin’ reason I needed to watch The Six Wives of Henry VIII and kept myself awake through my benadryl laden haze. It was pretty interesting, actually. ANYWAY! That’s not even why I was telling this! As I was waiting through some kind of PBS intermission (yes, I was watching PBS, help me!) this weird guy named Jack Stargazer came on.

Apparently, at the end of June, on the 24th to be exact, at 30-40 minutes past sunset if you look WNW you’ll see Venus, Saturn, and Mercury soooooo close together you could cover them up with your pinky finger at arms length. Something like this won’t happen again until the year 2070! My WNW view is blocked by a big, mudder-feekin’ house, so off the the lake I’ll be going. Oh! And it’s going to be happening ( the planets being visible) as early as June 7th, though they won’t be nearly that close together. I’ll explain what I learned more later on, for those that even care or read this blog, so you’ll know where to look better.

But for now, I’m going to soak in a nice hot…..shower.