Evil Weekend – Part Two

I’ll start out by saying I’m officially puzzled about B-renda’s face and arm hair. Her sister had none, and her mother was missing it too. This leads me closer in the direction of her really being a man.

My evidence:

Picture 1 – (from right to left) B-renda and her Mom. Can you see the discoloration under B-renda’s chin? Yeah, that’s stubble.

Next, I’ve done a close up using the same picture. This is B-renda’s chin area. It’s much easier to see the scariness from this close. See the hair glistening in the area near the neck? Also note the discoloration in the upper lip area.

Lastly, is the crazy arm hair. Now, I’ve known a few unfortunately females in my life that have had dark arm hair. We can’t all be lucky, I guess. This arm hair, however, is awefully thick.. not to mention the man hands at the ends of them.

Can you see why I’d be worried? It happens, people! It’s possible! I just don’t understand why someone her age wouldn’t like… invest in electrolosis or some crap. Or wax! Ugh… so icky…