Eww Gross!

It was brought to my attention last night that there could be some confusion about my honey, and my brother which gave me the willies and made me laugh at the same time. You see, there are TWO Keith’s in my life. My sweetie Keith, and my brother Keith. The Keithy that comments here is my sweetie, my brother isn’t computer savvy enough to check email let alone read my blog… or even get to it, for that matter.

So in the future I will, most assuredly, be saying either “my sweetie” or whatever pet name I come up with for my honey Keith. And will always refer to my brother Keith, as my brother Keith. If it doesn’t say “my brother Keith” then you can assume I’m talking about my honey.

Ugh…. so disturbing…*shudder!*

My brother Keith would not call me “lovey” or “honey” or “hun” at all…..ever. He usually has some kind of endearing obscenity he calls me. So anyway, yeah… thought I’d clear that nasty, nasty, nastiness up.