I think I’ve finally finished editing the template, at least for now, and so this is how it’ll stay until at least the beginning of December. So I hope if you’re reading this that you enjoy the new template!

Coming up…

In November I’ll be joining the rest of the crazies that attempt NaNoWriMo every year. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a yearly event “National Novel Writing Month” and there’s a word count a writer should try hitting every day to complete on time. So far the people I’ve mentioned it to have been either already doing it, or have no clue or interest in trying it out.

If anyone would like to add me as a writing buddy my nickname, of course, is Bunny. I was pretty shocked it wasn’t already taken but mayhaps the writers try for something more serious or some such, and you all know just how serious I generally am.

I’m trying out the snowflake method of writing. To sum it up, you start out with a sentence to sum up your novel that’s fifteen words, then expand that to a paragraph, etc, etc. So the snowflake gets a new points to it. So far I’m only to the mudder-feekin’ paragraph, the next step is a rather long and hard one, and since we’ll be starting Saturday I really have to get to working on it.

Right now…

I’m currently in Texas still with Wesley, staying longer than planned because his car needed a new engine (ouch!). Thankfully we should be on the road wednesday in the early morning, but that doesn’t leave me much time for writing since I’m fairly sure the drive + typing will get me sick.

His parents are the nicest people I’ve ever met, it’s clear where Wesley got his sweet nature from, and they’ve been the MOST hospitable hosts. We’ve played cards for a few nights in a row, and dominos for one, and just generally enjoyed each other’s company. It’s been a long while since I had a really nice, relaxing vacation but I really am looking forward to getting home though. 

Unfortunately I’ll be missing my mom’s (and Mr. Kitty’s) departure for Florida. They leave on tuesday morning but such is life.  I have a feeling if I’d been home my mom would have tried to guilt me in to going with her so this could be a good thing anyway.


4 thoughts on “Finished?”

  1. Busy, busy! After all the excitement has died down, can you make your header image link back to your main page? Thanks!

  2. Wes helped me (and by “help” I mean totally did it for me with me typing) and it’s now a link. He had suggested it, but thanks for the reminder, Donniedonnie! 🙂

  3. Girlfriend, I miss you so much! I want to call but don’t want to bug ya. I thought of you when the boys picked their book from Texas about Armadillos for a bedtime story. Good luck with the writing but I am sure you don’t need it. You are the best and I will be the first one to buy a book when you are published… don’t fight your calling!

  4. Meggers: I miss you too! You don’t ever need to worry about calling me, you can at ANY time. If I’m busy I’ll just have to call you back!

    Bonus! I brought the warm weather back with me from Texas. You’re welcome. 😉

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