Yay! Lameness!

I’m pretty sure at this point that I was adopted, or maybe since I look like my mother’s clone, that all the common sense and smart juices were saved for when I was born. Let me walk you through it from oldest sibling to myself:

David – total douche bag, cares only about himself, uses his disease to get things out of pity, absolutley crooked, lying, thief, no common sense. His only saving grace is that he does stuff like fix things for my mom… but unfortunately, I think he might me a drug dealer or something. No haniman has the hours he does. Out until 1am every night? Hardly.

Van – No common sense, married to what looks like a man but claims to be a woman. I can’t say too many horrible things about this one, he’s the only one I’m not pissed at right now. Good Vanny.

Scott – Calls just to make my mom (or I) feel bad about ourselves. Insists I’m a bum because I’ve not got a “job” on top of what I do for my parents. Ass licker. Anyway, he’s smart, but who cares? Wish he were nicer, this brother would actually be nice to talk to if he weren’t such a biotch.

Kim – Man, there’s so much I’d have to write another post! She’s just badness, lets say that. She used to be my closest sibling but she’s really messed up now and blames me for her failing relationship with my mom… which proves her lack of common sense.

Keith – Over – emotional ( and that’s a lot coming from me), ultra-sensitive, and totally whipped by his wife, sausage toes. Lets her poison his mind against rational thinking and so also has no common sense. He’s being assimulated into Michelle’s (sausage toes) family. It’s too bad, he has the potential to be a close sibling.

Now me, I’m not perfect! I admit that. I do, however, have some common sense to hold me up and I don’t speak about things I don’t know about like I do know about them. (If that makes any sense) I care about my parents and I actually retained the things my parents taught me when I was young. It’s almost like I was raised by totally different parents the way my siblings are compaired to me.

This whole post was brought on by my brother Scott’s call last night. He just wanted to be mean and decided that calling me a bum would make him feel better about himself. Well then, I’ll trade him. How about he takes no sleep, getting up early, doing a crap load of things for Mom and Bob and then starting that over again the next day? Then I can be a prissy biotch!

Alright, that’s enough ranting for now. It’s the lack of sleep talking, I’m sure.

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