Good times

Last week Meghan and her two boys, Elek and Adler, came for a 3 night stay in glorious Blah Village and the weather was actually accomodating. We joke that the taxes are so high that we order the weather around here, so I must have done something right. It was a seriously fun filled visit with trips to the nature and science center, which I think I enjoyed more than Elek (and Adler since he slept the whole time), and the hospital! Yes that’s right, a golly-gee-isn’t-this-doctor-creepy good time at the hospital.

Elek enjoyed a pear just a little too much and ended up getting a small piece of it up his nose. See, he’s been a little congested lately so, being a little boy, he’s been picking at his widdle 2 yr old nose a bit. He bit the pear and a small sliver was on his upper lip, Meghan told him to hold on that she’d wipe it, and quick-like-a-rabbit his little finger went up his nose taking the piece of pear with it. So, we made a visit to the hospital to make sure nothing was going to get infected. This is when we ran into the doctor that I would never recommend touch children. Anyway, he came in, examined Elek, and told Meghan she had to give him a “special kiss”. As she and I stared at him blankly he explained that she had to blow in Elek’s mouth so that air would shoot out his nose and blow the pear peice out. So basically making Elek shoot a snot rocket at her. Apparently, that’s called a special kiss. He said it in such a way that even Meghan said, “That sounds wrong.” and we laughed about it. In the end, poor Meghan was wiping her face and Elek was just fine. It’s definately a story to remember, at least for me. I’m sure Meghan would like to forget. Oh yes, and the icing on the cake is that while we were in the waiting room and Meghan was filling out the paperwork, Elek was running between us, and there was a guy that decided to chat with me. He mentioned he’d just had a baby 3 days ago, yadda yadda, and I could tell that he thought I was Elek’s mom because he kept asking me things about him and I didn’t want him to think I was and didn’t know stuff that any mom would know about her child. So I told Elek to run to his mom, “Go get mommy.” and he ran off. The guy looked at me strange and asked, with air quotes, “Are those ‘your’ kids with your ‘life partner’?” I was like, “I’m her youngest’s Godmother, we’re friends and they’re visiting.” Though now that I think of it I should have said something more clever, you just don’t get chances like this very often. He sure as heck better have thought we were lipstick lesbians, too!


I miss those babies and Meghan a lot, and I’m just glad I got a chance to spend so much time with them all in one lump. Putting Adler to sleep and playing with Elek, talking with Meghan, it was really a great time. I just have the best ‘life partner’ ever! Sorry Keith!