F*ck A Duck

There’s a new site ( the title is the link ) that just started up that I think is going to be absolutely hilarious once people start posting to it. I know most people have had a “…F*ck a duck…” moment and since I think this should be fun, I highly recommend hopping over to read what the site is about… or hey, send something in!

On another (similar) note, I got two emails back from the snow demons. They both apologized, but basically said that they did what they wanted to and I had to “be tolerant of the city”. We’ll see how tolerant they are when I call the cops on their arses next time. It was a nice stress reliever to go off on a complete stranger, though.

Also my brother Van and his “wife” B-renda have been really freakin’ calling me lately. Mostly to make me help them move stuff that doesn’t fit in their cars. B-renda has been sending me these freakin’ camera phone pictures to my cell and it’s making me nuts! I can’t stand her leg-humping dog, why would I want pictures of his rat-looking face on my phone? Plus being nice to B-renda for this long has been so torturous I have to take it out online. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft to up my geek factor to a “whole nubah lebal” (whole nother level). Don’t worry, my posts won’t start out with “u r so not 1337~” or whatever.

Speaking of leet speak, I can’t stand Bobby Flay from the Food Network. There’s something about his ego that rubs me the wrong way, not to mention he never makes anything I like and his new show is stupid. Challenging people that make something really well to see if he can make it better? What a pompous arse. Not to mention he says something about, in the beginning, like ‘Will I win? Or will I be “the lose?”‘ I was like “THE LOSE!?” Someone has seriously been playing counter-strike too long or something. Don’t bring your poor english and bad cooking on my T.V. Man, he’s almost up there with Racheal Ray on my GRR list.

Lastly, is it just me or is the new Quiznos commercial messed up because of the girl that says, “It’s not lackin’ any meat. That’s what real women need!” and then she does this scary laugh? Her friend, or the woman standing next to her, has a pretty stone faced reation like, ok I’m going to agree so I don’t mess anything up here. Pretty funny, disturbing, but funny.

4 thoughts on “F*ck A Duck”

  1. Go ahead and laugh at me because I have bright (?) colors ~ at least I don’t have bunnies lije I’m 12 years old.
    But ~ I do thank you for the traffic.

  2. Mrs. Slushie: Who says I was laughing? Infact I think the migraine I got from the neon glow made me quite cranky.

    And what would you have me put up on a blog called Bunny’s Babblings? Horses? Oh! Maybe neon unicorns would suit you better?

    One last thing, what’s with the (?) after bright for? Weren’t you sure if that’s how you spell it?

    Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

  3. I am going to say the (?) was for spelling. In her Bio she spelled ‘Transplanted’ wrong. If you can’t get the words that describe yourself right… spelling is definately not your strong suit. What is the grumpyness from anyway? The bunny page is super cute!

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