Oh Yeah!?

My war with the snow people continues! Here’s the email that I CC’ed to Daryl, the guy that called me and said he’d do nothing, when I emailed his boss Clint:

Mr. Keener, [Clint]

I live on [blah-blah-blah house across from school path blah]. Last Thursday, February 15 th, I watched as one of the school’s maintenance workers pushed snow from the path across the street on to my property, and then turned and blew the snow along the curb – going about half way around my property. I immediately called the school, but since school was out there was no one I knew to talk to about the matter and so walked over to the school to talk to the maintenance worker myself. I asked why he’d pushed the snow on to my property and his explanation was that he had 3ft of snow. Baffled, I said that now I had his 3 ft of snow plus the snow that was already there and that it was practically up to my chest. He asked me, rudely, what I’d like him to do about it and when I said that I’d like him to remove it he said he could probably push the snow further on to my property and up against the fence. I then explained that what he’d done was illegal, and that I didn’t want him to push salty street snow further up on to my property to potentially kill grass. He said he’d take a look. Forty-five minutes later he came and pushed the snow further on to my property and against my fence, even after I’d specifically asked him not to do that. At my wits end, I decided I’d wait until Friday the 16th to call and talk with someone at the school since dealing with the maintenance man didn’t work.

When I called the high school the principal’s secretary gave me Sue’s number and said that she was the person I needed to talk to. Sue was very kind and understanding, and asked what she could do to make it better with me. I’d explained that I wasn’t able to get through all the snow that had been snow blown onto my property alone and that I’d like if someone could come out and remove it like I’d originally asked. She said she’d pass my story on to Daryl Stumph and have him call me. When Mr. Stumph called he was very nonchalant about what had happened, explained that he’d driven by my property and had seen what had been done and that he saw no evidence of the snow being blown from the curb but that he saw where it had been pushed from across the street. He said he couldn’t guarantee that it wouldn’t happen again. When I got off the phone I felt bushed off and very angry. So I called Sue, who had been very kind, back and asked to be transferred to Mr. Stumph again.

This time I asked him why he’d called if he wasn’t going to stop this from happening, as it has happened year after year, and wasn’t going to do anything about it. He said he’d handle what he could on his end. When I asked him what he meant by that he just repeated that sentence with no explanation. Then he said when he made the trip by my property that he saw no evidence of the snow being blown from the curb and so I told him that if he’d like to come by again that I’d show him where the snow had been blown up, illegally, and I was very angry that he’d basically called me a liar. The phone call ended with him giving me no answer what “handling it” on his end meant he’d do for me and he also said that he didn’t know that it was illegal, that he didn’t know the law, and that if I wanted to quote him the law I could but that he didn’t know it was true.

So, I’ve included the city ordinance in this email, and the link incase that’s not good enough. I’ve also CC’ed this email to Mr. Stumph in hopes that this illegal snow dumping can finally stop. My family has been dealing with it for years and we’re tired of it. I came to him instead of just calling the police because I imagined he’d want to fix what his employee had done to me and I was sadly disappointed.

Thank you,

(a) No person removing snow from any driveway or sidewalk within this City shall deposit the same on the pavement or sidewalk of any public street or on any tree lawn in any public street, except the tree lawn immediately in front of the premises from which the snow is removed.
(Ord. 63-99. Passed 11-4-63.)

(b) Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.

And then I included the link. Hopefully this gets Daryl in a little bit of hot water considering how I was treated. I fully plan on saving this letter (thank you Gmail) incase I have problems with them in the future.