Bleh again.

Alright I’m posting!

By now anyone that may have once read this blog will have likely stopped even wandering this way, but such is life.

Not a ton has gone on since my last post, actually.

I went out to visit Keith over the holidays, and while it was too short, it was too long at the same time. It was just kinda bleh.

I’ve been really depressed lately maybe because I haven’t had a real sleeping schedule in ages, I donno. I feel like I can sleep all the time, but I can’t obviously because it’s 4:30am and I’m blogging instead of sleeping. There are days that I’ve just waited it out and then couldn’t sleep because I was too tired! Just lameness all around.

Keith’s been really busy with work lately so I haven’t really gotten to talk to him much which also contributes to the depression, I’m sure. The saying about distance making the heart grow fonder is very true, but I think the next trip I’ll be taking will be to Florida to visit with my mom.

My life is just kinda sucking. If anyone else wants to share the suckage, please do. Misery loves company.

1 thought on “Bleh again.”

  1. Well I’ll be damned! It’s you! Welcome back! Sucks your depressed, you should get undepressed, it’s more fun! Yeah!

    Seriously though I almost fell over when I came here and found a new post, it’s great to see ya 🙂

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