How Clean Are You?

It’s a morning ritual of mine to watch a few talk shows while I wake up with my mom. I make her tea and myself a cup of this vanilla cafe (which I’m totally addicted to) and we sit and watch crap T.V. Well, yesterday morning the Tyra Banks show came on, and normally she talks about such crap that I could really care less and I usually use that time to take a shower. Well this particular day the show was about make up and how dirty it is.

The part circled with an arrow behind the women was the bacteria found on the woman in the brown shirt’s lipstick! (Not to mention, those little wormy looking things were moving.)

As soon as the show was over I dumped everything out of the makeup bags I had. Having worked in the cosmetics department of a department store, I had a lot of free-be stuff that I’ve had since I worked there. Considering I worked there about 4-5 years ago I’d say yeah… they were past their prime by a long shot.

Here are some facts for anyone wondering just how long you’re suppose to keep the makeup that you have:

General Shelf Life of Makeup

Mascara: Mascara lasts 3-6 months and is the most prone of all makeup to harbor bacteria because the wand is constantly being dipped. A general rule is anything that is a liquid has a shorter life.

Concealer: Has a life of about 18 months due to emulsion (the ingredients will begin to separate). Also, remember you’re generally using concealer to cover blemishes, which can be more sensitive and prone to infection than other parts of your face.

Liquid Foundation: You should never use liquid foundation after more than one year. Always use a sponge, and not your germ-laden fingers! If the foundation separates or smells bad, throw it out.

Loose Powder: This item can last for years.

Eye Shadow: Lasts 12-18 months if it is a cream, 2 years if it’s a powder.

Lip Pencil: Can last 3 years due to the wood and wax. Remember to sharpen and cover between uses.

Lipstick: Can hold up for 2-3 years, but if there is a color change or rancid smell, throw it out.

Lip gloss: Don’t keep more than 18 months due to a different formulation chemical composition and the same dipping problem as mascara.

I highly recommend going through your makeup bag and cleaning that puppy out or you might just find something like this….

…on your lips, eyes, or cheeks.

You should also wash your brushes at least once a week with even a mild facial cleanser.

Alright, now that I’ve done my good deed for the weekend, go forth and clean.

6 thoughts on “How Clean Are You?”

  1. My gosh, I hope and pray to God you get help and that no teenager, child, or adult reads this blog and gets the sick idea that drugs are wonderful because of your post.

    This comment of yours was unnecessary. You do not have an educated opinion and have no business commenting on her blog. The average person sees the implication of the horrible suffering a heroin addict goes through when they read a post like that. If you derive that it was anything but painful, you were looking for fault. Stay in your bunny, bubblegum, lipstick lovin’ life and let people alone. You just added insult to injury. Feel better about yourself…yet????

  2. The fact that she described her heroin addiction, the part of my comment you left out, that it was like a million hugs and kisses all over, better than love, sex, etc. was disturbing. I thought of some kid on the verge of being pressured and hanging on to the last thread of common sense, and then reading her blog and thinking it’d be worth a try.

    Heroin was HER choice, it wasn’t some defect she was born with. Ignoring what she said would only make me an enabler, and I’m not that kind of person. If she’s getting help with her addiction, and blogging about the stuggles of that, it would be one thing. Talking it up and posting about how wonderful it is, that’s quite another thing.

    I’m not sorry I posted it, and I feel just fine about myself where that comment is concerned.

    What was unnecessary was your grumpy, old, grouchy, crotchity self coming over to my “bubblegum world” and making it smell like bengay. Do me a favor, take your bengay and shove it up your butt sideways.

  3. um, yuck! Fortunately for me, I don’t buy all that much makeup, and what I did have got thrown out long, long ago.

  4. Stef: That is fortunate. I don’t wear much either, and never really have. I like knowing that I don’t need it and that my skin can breath and get sun.

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