Happy Birthday, Adler!

Today at 7:13am little baby Adler came into our lives. I got a call from Brian, who sounded really happy, and later talked to a rather sleepy but happy sounding Meghan. I’m so excited to meet him and I’ll post some pictures as soon as I get some!

Hopefully all will go well tomorrow, I wasn’t able to go today because I couldn’t leave my mom stranded without a car all day and have Rob around. Van promised he’d have the other car fixed late today but it didn’t happen. I felt like such a tool having to call Meghan and Brian so many times and then in the end not come to see their new pride and joy (and my future God son).

Work is work though and when my parents really need me I have to be here. I know Meghan and Brian understand….and to make it up a little I bought more presents for Adler and one very special one for Elek. Well, atleast it made me feel better.

Don’t worry Adler, the clover between the posts is good luck so the creepiness won’t get anywhere near this post.