So I was reading MSN news today and my eyes caught a glimpse of a mini picture of Lance Bass, former ‘N Sync “artist”. I thought, what now? He’s trying to get into space again? No, this is even better. The title read, “Lance Bass of ‘N Sync Reveals He’s Gay”… and I said to myself, and? Come on people, was it really a huge shocker? What’s really shocking is that they all didn’t come out of the closet. Apparently he’s in a “very stable” relationship with some dude from one of the Amazing Race’s. The best part was the picture.

Dude, you will never be embraced by the gay public with pictures and clothes like that. Stay in your “very stable” relationship.

This story makes me miss my brother Scott, I’m pretty sure he’s gay but he’s never come out to anyone…atleast no one’s told me. He’s always been the nice (but biatchy) brother.

Dawn (aka Webmiztris) over on Tiny Voices In My Head brought up something I thought I was totally alone on. Have you seen that new tic tac bold commercial? The guy is all retard, but the woman practically orgasms. I’ve tried these new bold tic tacs and I was sorely disappointed at the lack of …… enjoyment. Apparently that woman has never tasted a nasty fruit flavored tic tac before.

Click the picture to see the commercial.

No, she doesn’t have a face abnormality, that’s suppose to be a tic tac bouncing around in her mouth. I hate this commercial.

5 thoughts on “Pshh..”

  1. tabloids have been saying he’s gay for years. does anyone really care anymore? i never heard of bold tic tacs

  2. That douche bag needs to just stop. Seriously, I love gay people…no problem with that at all. But in this case who the fuck cares? Just another pathetic attempt by the dude to get some sort of publicity because he has no career. *shakes head*

  3. yes.. the tic tac comercial bothers me also..

    I think the guy with the tic tac in his mouth is just as awe inspiring.

  4. lmao! you should sue! I know damn well that women spontaneous orgasmed in that commercial and that’s false advertising! 😉

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