This week has blown by pretty fast, thank goodness.

This sunday “sausage toes” or my brother Keith’s wife michelle* (which ever you’re more comfortable with) will be visiting from Florida, without my brother. Apparently when the doctor told her that she should be on bed rest 80% of the time until she has the baby, that it didn’t count when she has to make a sacrifice. Nevermind that my brother has been working 7 days a week so that he can provide for their existing two and ‘chelle so that she can sit and watch her shows. Nono, he should take a week off of work to watch the kids so she can fly here, without permission from her doctor, and go to a wedding. Priorities, priorities.

My honey Keith got yet another email from his ex-coworker Regina. His reply is utterly priceless so it has to be posted.

If you missed the first three emails she sent here they are.

#1 OMG!
#2 WTF?
#3 Desperate much?

Regina’s letter:


Heard you were sighted at [company name] again! Kerstin said Kristi was saying how good you looked. So how much weight have you lost? I know you were losing it when I left [company name], so I’m guessing you kept taking it off! Good for you! I have a personal trainer and that little bitch keeps me sweating my ass off. And believe me there is alot of ass to sweat. -giggle- I was beginning to think you fell off the planet until I heard of your debut at [company name]. I hope all is well and you’re doing well, keep smiling! I’m here for you if you ever need me for anything.


Yeah, I’m sure you are, whore.

Keith’s reply:


Haven’t all the emails that have been sent by jenny and I gotten the message to you yet ?! I mean come on! I don’t know what you’re playing, but sheesh, welcome to my blocked list and if you open another account and email me I’ll report you to yahoo. That being said, I think you might want to go outside an play hide and go F*** yourself.

Jenny’s one and only love,

That’s my honey!

** I will be supplying a picture of said sausage toes in the near future. It’s not fair to only post B-renda chin pictures.