Bring on the Rain…

As JoDee Messina says, “..cause tomorrow’s another day..” and I hope there’s more rain. Today was my very first lazy day since my parents came home because it’s been raining all day. I still had to run errands, but when there’s not digging in the garden, cleaning up, and hauling involved it makes them much more pleasurable.

Of course, with my mom pent up about her blood work tomorrow there was an argument about everything. We actually had an argument about arguing. I tell ya, after all this training I could likely be a lawyer without much effort.

Wee! I get to get up at the crack of dawn to take Lisa (step-sister) to her breast doctor’s appointment. At least I’ll have something funny to write about afterwards, with Lisa there’s always something hilarious to talk about afterwards. The last time she was obsessed with going to the bathroom every 20 minutes… and then my mom found her “decorating” the bathroom with toilet paper. This time I’ll be alone with her so that should be interesting, she’s far more open when it’s just she and I.