Tour -O- Porn

I promised Meghan I’d put up these signs so here’s the road signs we encountered once we hit around the Georgia area. With one of these signs about every 20 miles or so (sometimes more than that) it went from hilarious to me critiquing the girls on them. It seems that either the 80’s rocker chick hair is still in style there or these signs are really old.

We stopped for something to eat and as we were pulling out of the rest stop crap food n gas place this little gem was nestled right beside it. We didn’t even see it until we were pulling out and so Keith took the picture. See that? Lovers dvd’s! They’re a modern porn motel.

These signs are the ones I got the biggest kick out of. You can’t see the 80’s rocker hair, and the lame “outfit” but look couples are welcome! Woo-hoo!

Cafe Risque, where you can have a wonderful turkey sandwich on focaccia bread with a side of porn and skank! Yay! (No, we weren’t up this close, pervs. I stole this picture off the internet because it was raining when we passed by.)

Not just food, not just fun… Food-N-Fun!

If Cafe Risque wasn’t enough, there’s always Cafe Erotica!

Unfortunately we didn’t get the picture of the really HUGE porn place. That one was the gem of all gems because right before you see the warehouse huge building o’ porn you see the BIGGEST white cross. I mean so huge it could have been a cell tower. Confusing? Why, yes…yes it is.

Clearly you can see Keith and I had a hoot laughing at the signs driving down and back up. It’s only too bad we didn’t take a picture of the sign when you first enter Florida. It states that residents are allowed to use deadly force if they feel threatened and to beware. Welcome to Florida….we will shoot you. Have fun!