Godmother Bunny

Alright, so I was wrong about getting the verdict in today but that’s good because this news needs it’s own special post all for itself, not clumped up with my farewell post after the Thunderdome.

Today my best friend Meghan found out she’s having another boy and asked me to be his Godmother. I’m so honored and happy about it I just can’t contain myself, I even told the lawn guy when he came over.

Here’s a picture of him…

…alright it’s just a picture of his “money shot”, as Meghan put it (because they were hoping for another boy), so I censored it. His name is going to be Adler Liam (pronounced lee-um). Adler’s name is german, and his middle name is Irish. Her first son Elek is just the most precious little guy, I can’t wait to meet Adler.

Turn up the incubator, woman!