…to all the fun I had this week.

Keith and I had a great time here in Ft Myers and we’re really dragging our feet about leaving. While I was here we spent a ton of time trying to tan the reflective shine out of our skin. It’s painful to see the pictures taken of me in the winter. My friend Meghan even had a few pictures where her camer could seriously not take a picture of me without a huge halo of light around me…that’s how bad it is. So I feel tan now but really I just look “normal”.

Anyway here’s a few pictures of our trip to the Florida everglades where we took an airboat ride through. Can I say… I love air boats? They are mudder-feekin’ fast.

The Everglades

Wild pigs

This is a video of the alligator swimming by our boat. Complete with me laughing and saying “he ate her hat” and my mother saying “it’s comin’!” and “oh my gosh.”

Oh, before I forget…

…I umm…fergot about the contest ‘n stuff. I guess that makes me a proud member of the SBC.

Also, I’d like to take a moment to say that it really looks as though I will not be winning in Blog Thunderdome. It’s for the better because WebKittyn, the blog I’m up against, has more to lose than I do. She’s very active in the blogging community and I’m….well…not. Not to mention she has quite a following, and rightly so, that support her. So even though her cat claws have come out, I’m going to say *shrug*…I’m happy for you, WK.