Remeber These?

Though they haven’t had any biddings yet, I’m almost positive there’s some one out there just waiting to pounce on these.

If you don’t know the story behind them then I highly suggest you read about them. They’ve also been used for the button I made Brad at Blogg’d and so by now they’re at least a little famous, wouldn’t you say?

The thought came to me when I got the email from Dave at Maximum Awesome telling me I was headed into the Blog Thunderdome against WebKittyn, who has a fairly large fan base. What better way to perhaps get a little something aimed my way in the forums? Currently I’m being creamed in there because I don’t whore myself out in comment boxes.

So, when the judges come in I’ll be banned from blogging for, I believe, 3 months. Anyway, go check out the forums over at Chaos Wastes and read all about how my “anime chick has dumpy thighs”!