It’s taken me a mudder-feekin’ long time to complete, infact Photoshop has been perma up on my computer for a long time, and today I powered through it becase I was tired of seeing it all sadly sitting there.

The picture is from a little gem of a place where the art is a little on the “gamer friendly” side (meaning large breasts, odd hands & fingers, etc.) but I just love all the art work. I don’t know what it is, but this girl stood out the most. After a little …ahem… coverage in the breast area she was ready to be cut out and placed in the photo. The background is a picture of the Washington cherry trees, blown up, scrambled around in Photoshop, and smooshed together to make the beautious picture you see there. Well, at least I think it’s beautious.

Unfortunately the whole template is kinda of a puzzle to put together to make everything fit just so, but I managed it….. in a rusty sorta way. I’m exhausted now so in parting I truely anyone that stumbles on to Bunny’s Babblings will enjoy it’s new outfit.