When I arrived back at home after my visit with Keith the area had already gotten a bit of snow. A few days after it got a lot more and that’s when I realized that I have a bit of a problem. I noticed it before with our last snowfall and thought nothing of it, but this time it’s a lot more serious.

It seems I have some kind of peeping tom, or someone that could be casing the house, or just a stupid kid that wandered a bit too close… but the foot prints in the snow are so close to the windows of the library that who ever it was could have pressed his/her nose against the glass. Not only did he or she pass by the window of the library, but the downstairs bedroom as well. What time of the day it happened I couldn’t say, but who ever it was is seriously in trouble if I happen upon him/her on my property again.

On Keith’s suggestion I posted a note on the windows the trespasser was close to saying that the backyard is monitored, yadda yadda and we’ll see what happens next. I’ve been watching for fresh footprints ever since and I’m so fired up to attack that if it is some little kid I fully plan on yelling at him/her until his/her ears bleed.