Sick Again

Well, my weekend with Keith went as perfect as can be. My brother didn’t stick around and we visited with his woodworking friend and had a great time. Infact it was so nice I decided to surprise him and come back with him to his place. I surprised him with my plane plans on monday and immediately got a sore throat, of course. It dwindled by tuesday and since our flight was in the evening I didn’t cancel my plans. The landing against some really harsh wind wasn’t something I enjoyed, with the plane rocking this way and that, and bouncing and dipping like mad and that’s when I noticed how blocked up my ears and sinuses were. It was painful, actually. I survived it and we landed abruptly, thank goodness.

We got back to Keith’s and I realized just how horrible I was feeling once I’d calmed down. My throat started getting that funny film that won’t go away when you clear it and I just knew what was coming. Keith was an angel about it, brought me a big comfy comforter and snuggled me in with tea, a movie, and some meds. Lets hope this cold is short, or this coming weekend with his kids here is going to be interesting. What do you tell and 12 & 13 yr old when you have no energy and they want to play? “Don’t mind me, I’m just part of the sofa now. Try not to sit on me.” Nyquilville here I come.

There’s one thing about this that impresses me, my luck is rather consistant.