My Honey…

…arrives today!

My brother has been shown the door for the length of Keithy’s visit, thank goodness. He’s a little too excited about Keith and that’s just wierd to me. He considers Keith a fellow “farmer” because he has extra land and likes to keep him in the garage BSing. Not that I have a problem with my family getting along with my honey, but …. he needs to keep his old lady lovin’ tushy away from my cootie-free sweetie.

So, because I’m in such a good mood I thought I’d share a laugh for keyword analysis I got from my blog.

The last people to click were looking for:

horney neighbor
horney bunnies
happy bunny pic
get me off nasty ecards
happy bunny papers
no lub needed
what’s wrong with lavalife

I have to say how “horney neighbor” or “horney bunnies” got in the mix is beyond me. If there are either of those around I surely haven’t blogged about it. Funny stuff, though!