Bless’d? No,…. really?

I was reading Blogg’d to Keith (It used to be our favorite thing to do while he drove in to work, you know. I read, he drove, and we laughed together at the poor sap that was being pummeled into oblivion.) when I happened to glance at the “Bless’d” side bar.

Yes, my friends… I am actually listed. If this is some cruel joke and it just logs the last person that visited I’ll be highly…peeved. And we all know the what the first 3 letters of PEEved is, so lets not tempt the beast. Seriously, hasn’t my brother suffered enough? Even though it’s not his fault, he’d be punished!

Umm… so anyway, I’m going to add the “Bless’d by Blogg’d” icon as soon as I make sure the joke isn’t on me!