What the …?

Guys, this may not be the blog entry for you…I really just had to ask, what the heck is with commercials these days? I seriously think they should stop trying to grab our attention and just advertise their product without being ridiculous.

Now, I know talking about such things is a major “ick” for males.. but this one I just couldn’t hold in any longer. I was relaxing on Keith’s sofa when this commercial from Always came on. I’ve seen it before, and even joked about it with my mother. “Have a happy period.” Dude, that is NOT possible… and is so incredibly laughable I just had to share it.

I went to the Always site to get a picture from the commercial and stumbled across ECARDS! Who in their right mind would send a card to a friend because flo is visiting? Seriously. Not even tweenagers starting out… no not even them.

*snort* Have a happy period indeed.

It should be more like, “Try not to kill your family, friends, and sweethearts.” Or “It’s OK to cry about nothing, we understand.” Or even, “Chocolate is good for you, honey, eat all you need to.” That’d be more realistic, don’t ya think?

…happy period…. hahaha… wow..