On thursday I was in MD with Keith at his house, we were watching a movie and his cat was begging for attention because she was in heat. We let her jump up with us, but her constant female part licking and her putting her rear in our faces quickly made us change our minds. We pushed her down and she went up stairs and into the bedroom and didn’t make another sound. The movie ended and we were dead tired so we were about to head upstairs when I stopped dead in my tracks. I smiled because the cat was laying a way I’d never seen her lay before. “What’s up with little girl?” (little girl being her nickname) and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Keith said, “I donno…” I had my socks in my hand and threw one in her direction, which would normally freak her out because she’s the skittish sort, but she didn’t move a muscle. The light in the hallway was out so we got a flashlight and shined it in her eyes while Keith felt for any signs of life. The poor thing was gone. She’ll be sorely missed and I doubt the image of her will be erased from my memory any time soon.