Much Ado About Nothing

Hello from MD!

I had what had to be the best weekend I’ve had in, I’m pretty sure, forever. Keithy drove out to spend the weekend with me and we just chillaxed and had a good time. Carved pumpkins and made an awesome little graveyard in the side yard with lights and everything. This year all those neighbors that have all that crap in their yard had nothing on my yard! We drove here on tuesday and I’m still smiling… I don’t leave until Friday, and I may be kidnapping him when I go.

Being totally non sequitur, the Blahzvillage city elections are fast approaching and Mr. Cobbledick is actually still in the game. His campaign slogan is “Lobby for Cobby”, isn’t it interesting how he cut out the part of his name that makes him less appealing? I thought so.