I know I’ve been slacking in the wedding picture department, and I put a heck of a lot of work into this post, so it better be appreciated!

I thought it was close enough to halloween to pull out the scary stuff…

(click on the pictures to enlarge them if you dare)

the money shot


These pictures best described the wedding. Luckily my friend Meghan, her son Elek, and Keithy all kept me in rather good spirits. I took only a few of these, the rest were taken by my nephew Brandon who could get a lot closer without looking suspicious.

Perhaps in the future I’ll zero in on the really horrible things, but I’m pretty darn sure you can see them for yourself. My favorite picture is the family shot. Brandon and Chris’ expressions are priceless! One is screaming, the other making a face…. yes, be afraid boys, be very afraid.