Up and Coming…

Every Monday I sit in while Wesley, Bob, and Sam do a podcast called Volcanicast in Wesley’s studio. Along with Bob’s wife, I’m just a disenvoiced body there who might occasionally be mentioned, or I might laugh a little louder than intended (because the 3 of them together are seriously hilarious). 

Anyway, Wesley has come up with an awesome new podcast and wants me to be apart of it. We haven’t solidified the title yet, but watching the others do Volcanicast, and all the fun they have doing it, has got me curious enough to agree to do it. 

I’m really looking forward to it, and hey.. maybe it’ll give me something more to blog about.


I think that NaNoWriMo has done more damage than I thought it would.  I can’t write a single thing that I like! It’s either SERIOUS writers block or I’m just at a lack of anything interesting to write about.

Hopefully it’ll pass and I’ll be back to writing more posts.

I’ve winterized my little bunny, though I’m thinking it might need a scarf… and a name. How about Fernando?

Hey, has anyone come up with any new years resolutions for next year yet? It’s time to start thinking about those!