Catch up?

At this point there are so many, many good stories that this post would be horribly long and likely only interesting to me in the reading department. So, to make it easier on the both of us, I’ll sum up what it’s been like since … last spring? Something like that.


My brother Keith brought his family, it was bad. He was all emo and taking everything personally, as emo-types are want to do, and then proceeded to tell me that I’m dried up and that he disliked my “attitude” because I told him that I didn’t have a favorite food type.

Yeah, I didn’t get it either.

Anyway, called him an asshole and that was that. The visit ended pleasantly – mostly because he was leaving – and we were fine by then.

The other Keith decided to stop talking to me because he found out about his 19yr old son. I guess everyone has a breaking point or something… and it’s better to find out that we weren’t a real couple before I was in it more heavily. Like, living with him like he was always urging. I wonder how things would have gone had I taken him up on that? Actually, I don’t wonder… but I did. Also, he has a mullet… or maybe it was just hockey hair. Love really is blind.


Yay! My brother Keith brought his family out for a week of hell. His daughter Brittany nearly broke my finger, in fact we were sure it was broken for a little while, but then it turned out not to be. Which I was happy about. I never said anything nasty to her, in fact I kept playing badminton even with the pain pulsing and my brother and his wife said nothing to her about it. Didn’t yell at her, didn’t even give her a dirty look, and so I tucked that in to the back of my head.

Tyler, their middle child is a raging youngster. He is always so angry about everything, and if he doesn’t get his way immediately it’s all about tears and stomping and throwing things, it’s not fun to be around that. Especially since kids tend to ask for things they’re not allowed to have or do on a regular basis… so yeah, that was awesome.

That trip ended badly.

The day they were suppose to leave there was a HUGE storm, and pouring rain, and flooded highways. Did that stop me? Heck no. I was driving as fast as I possibly could… and damn if they didn’t miss their flight anyway. So, I trucked them back home so I could do it all again the next damn day. Only that night was bad. Tyler chased my cat up the steps, and I told him not to and all hell broke loose.

In the end Sausage toes, Keith’s wife, stormed out and I made fun of her to her face. That’s what you get for being an asshat to me.

Their trip wasn’t all broken fingers and badness, there were some really hilarious times and fun too. Hide n seek goodness, and scaring the kids by jumping from bushes, and smores and story telling. It’s only too bad that some times all the goodness is cancelled out by just a touch of bad… or in this case a bucket of it.

The rest of the summer was pretty boring, … and believe me that boredom was welcomed.


Not a whole lot happened… well, there was Bob, my step father, nearly dying. My mom and I had to be in the hospital with him for 2 weeks, and he had a stint put in his heart. He’s all good now though… and they had to stay longer than normal so they got to see a little snow fall and freezing rain before they left.

Or should I say… before WE left. I’m down here in Florida with them now, and I’ll be here until after New Years. It’s going to be horribly lonely at home when I go back… my cat is here too. Apparently she also needed a vacation, but she’s really enjoying herself. So I plan on traveling.

Everyone better get their spare rooms/couches ready. I’m coming!

On a side note, I ran in to the awesome book for little girls that I’m sending to my neice. It’s called “The Daring book for Girls” and it’s so freaking awesome. I wish I had it when I was a little girl, and in fact there are a few things in it that I was reading on… like how to whistle with two fingers? Palm reading! Clubhouse building… the list goes on and on, and they have one for boys too.

And last but not least….

I have the bestest friend in the whole world. My friend Meghan. She is like my beacon of hope and is always there with a laugh and a cute cell phone message when I really need it. It’s like she has a Jenny beeper that goes off when I’m at my lowest. I lubs you too, Meggers!

I wrote this for you!