Normally Florida is something I look forward to, but seeing as I wasn’t prepared to be here it’s been a sort of surreal experience. One day I’m in cold weather and dealing with early snow fall and the next it’s 80+ degrees out and I’m in shorts.

This sunset was too beautiful not to take a picture of.

Well, the ride down was fairly uneventful. We left a day late to avoid the rain and ended up in some anyway (which I predicted)but we made it as far as my parents usually travel so that wasn’t too bad. My neice Madalynn was born on Wednesday just as we stopped for the night. My brother Keith called and let us hear her cry as the nurse checked her out.

When we got as far as his city we stopped to see the baby and coo over her. She’s actually quite a grumpy girl. If you move her at all she scowls and frowns, and the nurses have even nicknamed her princess Madalynn because of her attitude. We’re all hoping she gets a sweeter disposition in time.

That’s all for now, seeing as my mom can’t stand that I’m doing something that doesn’t involve her and she’s dying to know what it is. Madalynn should teach me how to make that face because it’s making me pretty grumpy.