Thursday while Bob and my mom were relaxing I heard my mom yell something at Bob (which really isn’t unusual, we’re a loud family at times) and then I heard some sort of thumpy clatter. I ran downstairs to see Bob on the floor and my mom scowling and saying, “I told you not to walk when you’re dizzy!”

Friday Keith drove into town and just as he got into town Bob had yet another episode. The guy just can’t get through his head that when he’s dizzy, you don’t move! My mom screamed for me and I ran down to find him doing this weird bobbing up and down thing. I got a chair and we actually had to force him down into it because he was so out of it. All of this because he refuses to wait after standing up. It’s so annoying.

So Saturday while I made a cake for Keith because it was his birthday my mom said that she wanted me to come with her to Florida. A trip I’m not especially fond of in a car unless it’s all fun like last year with Keith… but even then I think I’d rather have a nice plane ride. I laughed because I thought she was kidding me. “Yeah, I guess I could do that.” and I smiled and went back to mixing the cake. Later in the evening she asked when Keith was leaving and I said, “I’m not sure, Monday or Tuesday.” and she gave me a shocked look and said, “Early monday?” I said, “No mom, why?” and she said, “Because that’s when we’re leaving for Florida.” I said, “What? I am? I thought you were joking.” She shook her head and I sighed to myself. Badness.

So we’re leaving on Tuesday morning because of the rain on Monday.

I’m being kidnapped! Anyone need anything from Florida?