Here with Keith

Well, Sunday I fly home to restart the drama that is my home life. I’ve had a hard time relaxing here because I’ve been constantly worried about my mother, home alone (plus Bob, but he sleeps all day), and no one to really talk to.

It started out roughly, with me having a really hard time sleeping, and about mid-week I had a mental meltdown and spazzed at poor Keith, who I must say took it in stride and didn’t let me totally freak out. I suppose when you’re worrying about everyone but yourself it’s hard to suddenly be thrown into worrying about only you and all your thoughts that have been shelved. I can’t say that I’ve been able to totally destress but I have to say I have a lot less stressed than I was before I came.

Infact the night Keith arrived in Blahzvillage she and I had a fight about……fighting! So hopefully this little vacation from each other will do me some good, and her.

I hate to leave, it feels a little like leaving a piece of me behind. I know it’s mushy, but deal with it.