Cancer Smashers!

While doing my daily blog reading I went to An Indian Summer and was really impressed by the company who is going to donate up to $1,500 to the American Cancer Society just for visiting their site and posting a link on your blog. If you want to help, here’s how:

1. Go over and visit…snoop around, and check out their sexy wares.

2. Putter on back to your blog and write a post, any post, it could be about whatever you want, doesn’t just have to be about (but that would be way cool too).

3. Somewhere in that post you are writing mention “Yandy Lingerie” and link to their site (

4. Email Bug at [bug AT thelastcowgirls DOT com] with all of the following:-Your Name or Nickname-Your Email Address-The direct URL to the Post that mentions Yandy.

5. She’ll check out the link and then pass it along to the folks at Yandy, they in turn will make a $15 donation.

How kewl is that? So get ta linkin’ and help Bug!