Things That Make Me Smile

In this first thing it isn’t the video that’s important, it’s the audio part that really made my birthday yesterday night. My brother Keith, his wife and 2 kids (+1 on the way – but you can’t hear her) called and left a message on my answering machine.

First is Keith (my brother not boyfriend), then his wife, then Tyler, and then Brittany… then Tyler again just before Keith hangs up. Purdy funny.

Second was my boyfriend Keith’s 2 cute little ecards. They really mean a lot to me, and he always picks such good ones.

Third was my best friend Meghan’s blog post:

Happy Birthday that you want to ingnore and pretend it isn’t your Birthday…
Happy Birthday Jenny. Elek wishes you a day of fun outside involving some sort of water games and possibly bubbles. He hopes you have all the ketsup and other condiments your little heart desires. He also soends wishes of dry pants, milk at bed time and lots of snuggling. Adler would like to send you wishes of a warm place to curl up with all the food you can suck down. Perhaps even some quite rocking to soothe you.”

Fouth, was my mom being on ickiness patrol all day, stopping people from pissing me off before they could. I realized, in a rare moment of clarity, that I am clearly PMSing and so her job was 10x harder than usual. She’s a great lady, even when she’s driving me absolutely mad (and I’m sure the feelings are mutual).

Last but not least, was all the commenters on my blog. Thanks for all the happy birthdays, it meant a lot.

My birthday cake. No, this isn’t an old photo from childhood, it was this year’s. Clearly I’ll always be the baby in my mom’s eyes.