Ms Sausage Toes

Well, as promised, here is the photo of the sausage toes.

Maybe they’re more like Fred Flinstone toes but up close it’s like her toenails are hanging on for dear life. Anyway, I apologize for the picture quality because obviously I couldn’t take a picture of her feet with her knowing so I had to set the camera on the museum setting (which has no flash or sound).

The visit ate up nearly the entire part of the day, and of course I play hostess whenever we have a guest so I was in making lunch, making a veggie tray, making sure she had something to drink. When she left my mom was all “Lets go out and get water.” and I looked at her like she had a third eye. She sat and talked and got things brought to her, so of course she’s ready to go. Silly woman. I opted for a nap instead and then treated myself to some ice cream.