Space Weather

If you know me then you know I absolutely love star gazing. My Keithy (the man I’m gonna marry) is usually the only person I tell about all my star gazing stuff, but this is actually a pretty kewl thing.

“A couple of days ago, people were excited when the Moon eclipsed the sun, a single star. On Saturday, April 1st, the Moon is going to eclipse an entire star cluster–the Pleiades. The eclipse (or “occultation”) will be visible from eastern and central parts of North America. Start looking as soon as the sun sets. The slender crescent moon will pop out of the western twilight next to or among the stars of the Pleiades. Binoculars are recommended but not required.

Of special interest is a set of grazing occultations visible from Washington, DC; Birmingham, Alabama; Statesboro, Georgia; and Hilton Head island, South Carolina. Sky watchers there can see stars grazing the lunar limb, blinking in and out among the mountains of the moon.Even if you’re outside the occultation-zone, be sure to scan the western sky on Saturday night. The slender crescent moon, complete with Earthshine, will be pleasingly close to the Pleiades no matter where you live.”

If you want to be informed about space happenings sign up for it at!


It’s taken me a mudder-feekin’ long time to complete, infact Photoshop has been perma up on my computer for a long time, and today I powered through it becase I was tired of seeing it all sadly sitting there.

The picture is from a little gem of a place where the art is a little on the “gamer friendly” side (meaning large breasts, odd hands & fingers, etc.) but I just love all the art work. I don’t know what it is, but this girl stood out the most. After a little …ahem… coverage in the breast area she was ready to be cut out and placed in the photo. The background is a picture of the Washington cherry trees, blown up, scrambled around in Photoshop, and smooshed together to make the beautious picture you see there. Well, at least I think it’s beautious.

Unfortunately the whole template is kinda of a puzzle to put together to make everything fit just so, but I managed it….. in a rusty sorta way. I’m exhausted now so in parting I truely anyone that stumbles on to Bunny’s Babblings will enjoy it’s new outfit.


Well, the sun has definately changed it’s position in the sky, a lot of the song birds are back, and my plants are perking up so it must be spring. You wouldn’t really know it by stepping outside, what with it snowing lately and all, but it surely is spring. The days are finally starting to get longer.

I had a great weekend, infact one of the best since about… oh… 2 weeks ago. My Keithy drove out on Friday and we had a wonderful, way too bloody short, weekend. On Saturday he and I spent most of the morning being a little lazy. Keith thought he should get his [insert car part] flushed and refilled and so we took his truck up to my brother Van’s work so he could take a look at it. Unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as Keith had been hoping when my brother showed him he needed his water pump changed. About $300 and a few hours later (good thing I drove too) his truck was good to go. I always find it so funny about how you get a few guys together in a shop enviornment and they could stand there for HOURS talking about car crap. It was still a nice time because…well…anything with my Keithy is nice. Afterwards we went home, got cleaned up, and went to dinner with my friends Meghan & her hubby Brian and Christina & her fiance Joe. Bucca DeBeppo’s is normally not my cup of tea but this time it was awesome. I guess when you’re starving and you have good company it doesn’t matter where you eat.

We ordered some cake but the waiter had a brain fart and decided to bring our check instead, to Meghan’s delight. Instead we hopped over to Malley’s (awesome chocolate & ice cream place) for some ice cream. Keith couldn’t talk better about Meghan’s hubby and Joe (who he’d just met) on the short jaunt home.

I love my weekends with Keithy … but I hate that they’re so darn short. Depression sets in very shortly afterwards because I miss him so much. I can’t wait for Easter, he and I are driving down to Florida for some sun and fun.

Updates & Ideas

If you read this blog at all, or know me personally, you know my poor pooch just had pretty major surgery 2 weeks ago. Today her stitches came out and the vet gave me the thumbs up in how well I’ve taken care of her rather large rainbow shaped cut. My neighbors think I’ve become one of those people that dresses their dog in clothes because it’s all cute and crap. Well, we’ve never been that sort of dog owner, though we have been known to tie a bandana around her neck (which I think looks lame) but my dog prefers the cone or “party hat” as we like to call it. Yes, my dog actually gets all wiggly and excited if you whip out the cone that prevents her from licking or biting at anything on her body. Go figure.

Anyway, so I’ve had to keep a t-shirt on the dog to prevent her from licking her wound but I’ve gotten at least 4 comments on how she looks “stylish” with that “you dog dresser” kind of smirk. So today I proved them all right and bought her a warm up outfit in a horrid pink color (really obnoxiously pink) and a bright red sweater. If we’re doing this, it’s all the way! With a huge patch of her fur missing I’ll be damned if she’s gonna be cold and unstylish. She’s been wearing her 5 dollar old man hanes white t-shirts (cut all up to accomodate the dog) but no more!

My 10 yr high school reunion is coming up this fall and all I can think about is yuck. Don’t get me wrong my high school days were fun but when I left I didn’t look back. I’ve kept the relationships from my school days that meant something to me, and lost touch with the people that just couldn’t keep up with all my travels. The thoughts of seeing one particular person, a close friend in high school has been giving me icks, though. When I met my ex I matched her up with his best friend. The events that led to their being together really made me realize just how horrible a person she was, just as my mom and nearly all my other friends kept telling me, and I cut her out of my life. I tried once to repair the damage so we could be civil to one another for our (at the time) husbands’ sake, but by then she wasn’t interested in even being civil. Her loss… I’m a mudder-feekin’ good friend. Anyway, this means that there is a slight possibility that her highness could be there with my ex’s best friend. Bleh, oh well.

Lastly, this blog is getting all boring in the design/color department (prolly other areas too!) and I need a change. If you read this post you HAVE to at least make one suggestion. It can be absolutely brutally honest! I just need input on my next theme. This means you sneaky mcsneakersons need to come out of hiding and post a comment.


I meant to update sooner but I haven’t really had the time to get to the computer much. I’m too afraid the dog will try to follow me upstairs and right now that would not be a good thing.

So she had her surgery and got through it just fine. She had to stay the night because the incision was so large and they wanted to watch to make sure the drainage was alright. I went in thursday and ….wow… my poor baby had half her fur shaven off, looked like the side of a baseball because of all the stitches, and had 2 drainage tubes sticking out. To say the least, it was a disturbing and I felt so horrible for her. She acted like nothing even happened, which made me cry, and all I wanted to do was get her home so I could baby her.

Saturday she had the drainage tubes removed and personally I think that was 2 days too long to have them in. Cleaning them was revolting, but I’d do anything to make sure Tresse’s recovery went smoothly. The tubes came out very well and she’s been scabbing up which is a very good sign.

She has to wear a t-shirt so she won’t lick or bite at her wound and seriously looks so funny in it. Like she should have a pack of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeves or something. She gets her stitches out on the 15th and so far she healing in record time. Thank you all so much for your prayers and well wishes, they really meant a lot to me… any my dog.

Unfortunately I’m going stir crazy. I have to pretty much stay put because she has to be quiet for another week. If I do anything she has to be right there with me, so a trip to the drug store is a huge event for me right now. Actual living people! Atleast I’ve gotten the time to watch all my movies.

Thanks again for thinking about us!