Tresse’s Big Day

This wednesday the 1st between 9am and 4:40pm please keep my pup in your prayers. She’s having her lump removed and at 12yrs old (13yrs old on the 22nd of March!) she really needs all the help she can get. We’re not sure if what we’re doing is going to prolong her time with us or not, but we want to make her as comfortable as we possibly can in the time she has left.

It’ll be the longest afternoon I’ve had to endure in a while but I’ll make sure to update and let everyone know how it went.

If you’re not the praying type, just well wishes are appreciated.


I’ve been feeling pretty down lately. Every time my brother stops in for a night (and thankfully it’s been less and less lately) it reminds me of how the mother I work really hard for is teaching the people in our family to treat me like crap.

David and I would have absolutely no problem between us, at least not as serious as it is now, if he would just not smoke in the house or around me. I have a serious allergy to it and the moment I smell just a touch of it I start sneezing, wheezing, the whole shootin’ match. My mom has had cancer three times and Bob has to use a breathing machine at night but do you think that stops him from smoking around them? No.

My telling him to be polite is like my asking my nails to please grow. It just doesn’t happen. The only person who has any pull is my mother. What do we do instead of telling David to stop smoking? I get a stronger dose of allergy medication and an air purifier for my room.

At this point I’d like to crawl into my bed and not come out for a while because it’s soooo bloody depressing that she won’t just tell him to stop.

Bearded B-renda Stikes Again!

My life is getting more and more interesting, I tells ya. Thanks to Mrs. P, my brother Van’s boss, I now get a wake up call every morning early enough to make me a very grumpy person. Fortunately for her, I’ve not been sleeping all that well and I’ve been up every morning before she calls. Another thing in her favor is I keep her around because she amuses me with comments like, “I was talking with my husband last night and he and I agree your brother is being led around by the nose.” The fact that someone who can barely function in society notices that my brother is absolutely whipped is beyond hilarious.

So yesterday I get my lovely call and I wasn’t in the mood for talking so I let the answering machine get it. I could hear from downstairs that it was a reaaaallly long message and that it was a female voice. So, since normal people usually wait until at least 9:30-10am to make a phone call I decide to pick myself up and find out what it was about. I hear a minute long message (because my machine cut her off) about how she’s mad and blah-blah-blah why did my mother and I want her to take Van & Brenda’s picture off the website? She got permission from Van..and so on. I was like… what the heck?

I call my mom up and ask, “Did you talk to Van yesterday or something?” She’s like, “I haven’t talked to them since I left for Florida.” (Which is another thing that pisses me off.) So I play the message for her and we’re both clueless now. Obviously I have to call Mrs. P back and see what the heck is up.

So I call Mrs. P, who in turn then calls my mother. My mother calls me back and we decide I should call B-renda. So I hang up with her, call B-renda and leave a message for her to call me back and then call my mother back. While I’m talking to her B-renda calls me back and says she’s going to call my brother Van and I click back over and when she’s finished I click back over with my mom. So while I’m talking to my mom B-renda calls back and I click over, get more annoyed, and then click back with my mom. We decide I need to call my brother, so I hang up with my mom and call him. When I’m done there I call my mom back and she has to go because she’s getting a call but says she’ll call me back. So I get a 5 minute break until Mrs. P calls me again to say she’s talked to my mom. When Mrs. P is done my mom calls me back and recap all that’s happening.

It seems B-renda saw the pictures of her and my brother on Mrs. P’s website and decided that she wants their pictures off A.S.A.P. Well, my brother Van is an absolute chicken-shite and knows that B-renda has absolutely no pull when it comes to Mrs. P, especially when he already signed a form allowing Mrs. P to put their pictures up on her site. So instead of saying something tactful and showing respect to his employer he decides to pull my mother and I into it. He tells Mrs. P’s son & husband that B-renda called us and that all three of us don’t want their pictures up there. Knowing full well that Mrs. P will care if my mother and I don’t want them up there. So Mrs. P got offended because I’d already sent her an email telling her how I thought her site was elegant and such and calls me….. and my day began.

That horrible bearded witch had the NERVE to be angry with ME when she called me too. Angry and snippy when she had to right to be. My mother and I are the ones that were dragged into something we had nothing to do with, nor cared about.

So since she pissed me off I’m gonna post this picture of her to make myself feel better.

And now close up…

hahahahahahaha *snort* *cough* hahahaha *hiccup*!


It has been more and more apparent in my life that if some one is a freak of nature they are attracted to me. I don’t mean, they think I’m pretty, I mean they’re attracted to me like a magnet to metal. Yes, I am a freak magnet. Some consider the people that look strange to be the only freaks. Well let me just tell you, my friend, they aren’t the only ones. Ask me any time, I have a zillion stories about my run-ins with the abnormals of this world, and they’re always good for a laugh.

Today was no exception, as I had to take my car into have it’s oil changed. As always, I take it to where my brother Van works and as usual Mrs. P, his boss’ wife was sitting behind the counter waiting for me. This woman has her nose in everyone’s business and my brother, more than likely to get him off his back, is more than happy to tell her alllllll about my life. What the heck is so interesting about my freakin’ life that anyone would wanna talk about it?

So she starts in, and her opening comment is, “So you’re completely divorced now, right?” and I was so happy to tell someone about it I said, “Yeah!” and I made the one arm pump to show my enthusiasm until I saw her ‘I pity you’ look so I toned it down a bit and took a seat in the spotlight of h-e-double hockey sticks and tried to fend off the barrage of personal questions. Soon enough she was satisfied with what little information I gave her and decided to puff herself up. “I’m a liscensed officiant, ya know. Do you know what that means?” I smiled, “You do wedding ceremonies and stuff?” She nodded then as if suddenly an idea hit her at full force she asks, “You’re divorced now, right? All done?” I wondered if this was deja vu or if this woman had just lost it. “Yep, all done.” Again with the pity and then she asks, “Are you seeing someone?” Which is none of her dern business, but I couldn’t think of a polite way to tell her to shut her piss. “Yes I am seeing someone.” She says, “Cause I have two single sons.” I could feel my heart starting to race now. “Oh yeah?” I didn’t know what else to say. She adds, “One is looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with, and the other isn’t interested at all.”

I smirked to myself, I knew which one wasn’t interested.. and that son of hers is rather biatchy if you get my drift. He’s the most unhappy person I’ve ever met in my entire life. Though, with a mother like her I’m not sure I can blame the guy. So, anyway she jumps in her thoughts, thank goodness, like her mind is on random. “Do you know how to work channel 200?” I blink in wonder and tilt my head, “Channel 200? What’s that?” So my brother, who happens to be taking his sweet time changing my oil, walks through and she snags him. “Van, tell your sister about channel 200.” So he explains it’s On Demand. I nod and now I get what she’s talking about. I try explaining to her how to use it and she starts taking notes. “How do you spell On Demand?” Seriously? “O-N space D-E-M-A-N-D.” She says, “Oh! D-E! I had D-A.” My inner voice snorts, damand? More like duhmand. She adds, so I really know she’s not ever been in any sort of schooling, “I’m D-U-M when it comes to spelling. I may not know how to spell much, but I know D-U-M.” My inner voice is cracking up, and I smile and try my best to repress any outward laughing at the poor thing.

My car is finally finished and I just can’t wait to get out of the place. My brother, sensing his impending doom once he’s off work, hurries me out of the station and back into the car. As I got in I said, “You’re lucky I’m such a dutiful sister.” He says, “I had nothing to do with that!” with a smirk on his face.


When I arrived back at home after my visit with Keith the area had already gotten a bit of snow. A few days after it got a lot more and that’s when I realized that I have a bit of a problem. I noticed it before with our last snowfall and thought nothing of it, but this time it’s a lot more serious.

It seems I have some kind of peeping tom, or someone that could be casing the house, or just a stupid kid that wandered a bit too close… but the foot prints in the snow are so close to the windows of the library that who ever it was could have pressed his/her nose against the glass. Not only did he or she pass by the window of the library, but the downstairs bedroom as well. What time of the day it happened I couldn’t say, but who ever it was is seriously in trouble if I happen upon him/her on my property again.

On Keith’s suggestion I posted a note on the windows the trespasser was close to saying that the backyard is monitored, yadda yadda and we’ll see what happens next. I’ve been watching for fresh footprints ever since and I’m so fired up to attack that if it is some little kid I fully plan on yelling at him/her until his/her ears bleed.

My Tresse

I took her to the vet today (well yesterday if you want to be literal about it) about the lump on her side that seems to be growing. David, my lovely brother, got me worried enough to make the appointment and I’m regretting it now. All I wanted to know was, should I have it removed? Is she in pain? If I should remove it, beign that she’ll be 13 next month, will surgery be something she’ll make it through?

Unfortunately there are no easy answers. She gave me all the options and none seem like she’s leaning that way. Tresse may be perfectly fine if I leave her be and don’t remove her lump. On the other hand, it could grow and make her all the more uncomfortable… not to mention she’s not getting any younger. It’s really hard to be the one to tell the rest of the family about my beautiful dog’s condition, and be the strong one about it. The “everything’ll be fine” one instead of the weeping, miserable mess that I am when no one is awake.

My Tresse has been there for a lot of late night talks, you know. I’m sure I sound absolutely nuts, but when no one’s around to listen who better to talk to than your dog? She won’t tell my secrets or tell me that she’s disappointed in me. She’s more than happy to lay there while I cry with her, just as long as I rub her belly and behind her ears. If I stop she’s not the shy type, she’ll paw at me and remind me to do my job.

It’s amazing just how much life she brings into this house. Last year when I was on my way down to Florida to spend some time with my parents, my brother had taken the dog with him. My plane ended up being rescheduled because of weather and when I took a taxi home, there was only the cat. It was so quiet… it was just erie. Imagining it now is too depressing for words.

I’m sorry for such an unhappy post, but a girl has to let it out somewhere. By the way, my dog is happy as a lark right now. It’s just something I’ve been avoiding that’s got me all upset.

Ranting again! – Pay no attention.

Ok, is it so mudder-feekin’ hard to take care of a house while I’m away? I mean, it’s not a mansion… and what the heck did you do to my dog? She’s all depressed. Why does the cat smell like cigarette smoke? Why are you so retarded?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I dislike my brother David a lot. He picks me up from the airport and immediately starts talking about things he knows is going to upset me. “I don’t think Tresse’s gonna be with us much longer.” I remain silent while I think of other places I can pee that he won’t know about besides his shampoo. “Tell me if you think the lump on her side is getting bigger, I think it’s grown 2x the size it was before you left.” I nodded and kept looking out the window, he had to know he was getting to me. So I try to change the subject, “Derek, when do you go pick up Stormy?” So David says, “We’re not looking forward to her coming out here.” I said, “Well…you aren’t looking forward to it, I’m sure.” And he says, “No, neither of us are cause things are gonna change when she does.” I said, “And what exactly is he doing now that he won’t be able to do when she gets here? Go to all those strip clubs he can get in to at 18?” He said, “I’m pretty sure she’s gonna keep him on a short leash.” To which I replied, “She won’t know anyone but Derek and barely the rest of us, so that wouldn’t surprise me. She’s just a teenager herself.”

This is when David says, “Well, we are gonna have to make her get a job to keep her occupied.” I said, “Isn’t that up to Stormy and Derek?” Derek says, “Yeah, we want to keep the “boobin” down.”

“Boobin” is a term the two of them have come up with, and it’s suppose to be what Stormy does when she calls. I guess she’s usually wimpery or something. She and Derek are rather close, being a couple back in Derek’s home town and all, and she’s there now finishing out high school.

I try to change the subject again and it falls back on Tresse, my dog. David says, “She hasn’t been playing with the unicorn much.” This I laughed at. He wouldn’t have dared to give Keith’s gift to me to the dog. Oh… why… yes he did! I walked in and went to say hello to my dog and what was next to her bed? My unicorn. I said, “What the heck? You gave her the unicorn? Why?” Derek smirks and shrugs and I can feel my (until now carefully checked) anger rising. “That’s so rude, Derek.” He says, “I didn’t know it wasn’t hers.” Which is a load of crap because he was there when Keith explained how he’d had it stuffed for me. I said, “Alright, I’m gonna have to tell Grandma about this. It’s the last straw.” He says, “Oooo… you’re telling on me?” I said, “Yep.” and kept walking before I destroyed the smile on his face with my booted foot.

I told my mother, who I could barely dial through my anger, all that had happened on my arrival home. The house was a mess, crap was placed on top of everything, the dog was depressed and dirty, the cat smelled like cigarette smoke, and David and Derek were being total arse holes to me for no apparent reason. Her words were, “I’ll have a talk with them.” Yeah, and when she makes that call I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to look out the window and watch pigs fly by on their way to h-e-double hockey sticks to ice skate.

Why did I come back again?