Running for Mayor?

This is in no way anything political, so if you’re stopping to gather some kind of information other than my views on how funny I think this guy is, you’re going to be sad.

A few weeks ago there was a piece of paper jammed into the door of the house and I picked it up as I headed out the door with the dog, shoving it into the pocket of my shorts. As I stood waiting for my dog to do her business I unfolded the paper and had a fit of laughter. There, in huge blue bolded letters “COBBLEDICK FOR BLAHZVILLAGE”. I mean, I know it’s immature to do… but… cobbledick? Man, that guy had to have been a victum of malicious teasing (and since I’m blogging about it, likely still is).

It still makes me laugh every time I enter the city and see the sign and think, how would it look to see “MAYOR COBBLEDICK” underneath it? I’m sure the snobs of Blahzvillage will be lifting their noses at such a thing.

This is a picture that is actually on his campaign site. Dude, are you TRYING to lose? It must be some kind of political humor I don’t get.

Cobbledick. *snicker*