Red Flags!

I’m currently in an online volunteer program, helping out the ungrateful people in an online game. Yes, I’m a geek, no real news flash there. I’ve been a “higher up” in this program for some time now, too much time really, and working alone on a server in this “rank” is lame. I have atleast 1 or so emails a week with a complaint about this or that, and while I generally care for people’s situations, there’s only so much crap one geek girl can trudge through.

Well, I’ve been busy with my “real life”, as I like to call it, and I’ve been neglecting the people I should be helping to help others… still with me? Ok, so last week I get an email that I finally have help. Thank goodness! This means that I can leave the program without feeling guilty. The new “higher up” sends me an email via yahoo and since I have Trillian I decide I’ll open up a chat with him because when you can get an instant message it’s so much better. As I’m adding him to my contact list so I can message him, Keith points out his user profile and I click on it to see why he’s laughing and shiver in horror.

Age: 49
Marital Status: Long-term relationship
(phew, then I don’t have to worry about getting my sexual harrassment email all pretyped)

Sex: Male
(not a big surprise, most people playing games are.)

His Occupation: On disability – deaf
Under his “Hobbies” he has:

Sex bears everquest world of warcraft.
Love thick men, thick women, fat *( ahem.. boy parts) and big booties.

Ummm… whaaaa? Red flags go off everywhere in my head. This is when, as a female, I turn and run. Sex & bears? Or Sex bears? Not that it really matters cause both creep me mudder-feekin’ out. There was a small picture of him and all I could think of was… actually… I think my brain melted. Just… ew.

I still have the willies.

*edited to suit my delicate sensibilities.