The June Sky

Tonight 30-40 minutes after sunset (looking west) Venus, Saturn & Mercury will be very clearly visible.
Saturn will be down lower, and Mercury and Venus will be higher up and rather close together and will stay that way for the next 7 nights. Tonight, however, is when you should be able to cover Mercury and Venus up with your little finger at arms length.

I went to the lake to get a pretty picture. The 2 little dots in the picture (not the shiney squiggly thing to the left) are Mercury and Venus, with Venus being the one above, I believe. The sky was absolutely gorgeous, I hope you all will enjoy the show for the next week, I know I certainly plan to.

In this image I had to brighten the planets a little bit because you could barely see them in the picture. In person, however, they were as bright as you see in this picture. So basically you’re seeing what I saw.

Keith passed this on from his mom, and so I thought I’d share it here.

This picture is showing how on the 29th Mars will be so close to the moon that it will likely appear to be ALOT larger than it’s normal small star size. I hope everyone gets a good glimpse at the stars and if not I’ll try to get a picture of what I see.

And remember, when you’re looking up there, that I’m looking up at the same sky you see. Amazing, isn’t it?


I wanted to make a post about the stars, my Meghan visit, etc. but I felt a little selfish after hearing Granoblasticman’s news today. His brother was killed in a car accident lastnight, or early this morning, due to drinking and driving. My heart goes out to him and his family, along with my prayers, I know what it’s like to lose a very close family member.

It makes me sad because it brings back the memories of when, at 14, I lost my dad and how I felt like I knew something more about life than anyone else my age at the time did. Thankfully I had a strong core of support in my mom, friends, and family.

I can’t say I really truely know Granoblasticman (aka Ken) other than we share a love for on-line gaming (where we met) and that he’s a good person. I’ve been his instant messenger older sister, as he has said, for a long time now and listened to his woes of teenagedom, girls, etc. He’s reminded me why I’m so glad that the drama of high school has been long left behind me.

So I’m dedicating this post on his behalf and asking that if you’re reading this you include him and his family in your prayers.