Instant Messenger Mayhem!

Not too long ago (ok it was in January) I had this conversation with an ex-GM of SOE (Sony Online Entertainment). He was fired for reasons unknown and stalked me afterwards because he’s a desperate online-gamer geek and I’m female. Need I say more?

The conversations we had via IM were never very long, it was the usual “Hey, how are you?” “Good, you?” “I’m alright, thanks for asking.” type thing. Though if I were to really portray how he talked it would likely be more like, “H3yzz0rz, how r u?” but I’ll save you from that crap.

So anyway, I was reading through some old log files when I happened across this chat session that I’d cut and pasted for someone else to see so we could both laugh at him and my response. So, for those that didn’t get a chance to see it, here it is:

[14:17] Jeff: =P
[14:17] Jenny: Hey… what’s up?
[14:19] Jeff: Um, Me of course… Just workin.. What about you?
[14:19] Jenny: You’re up?
[14:19] Jeff: Yah, Really horny today. =/ It sucks..
[14:21] Jeff: TMI? kik
[14:21] Jenny: Yeah, I’d say so.
[14:21] Jeff: =P Isnt my fault =P
[14:21] Jenny: Why not?
[14:22] Jeff: Cause it isnt as though I wanted it to happen =/
[14:27] Jenny: I think, perhaps, that you picked the wrong person to tell. If you’re looking for a hole to plug, you’re going to have to go elsewhere. I’m not that kinda girl, and I don’t talk to your kinda guy. Infact, the thought of your “being up” is more than enough to make me retch. Pig.
[14:29] Jeff: Um.. WoW… I think someone woke up on the wrong side of the planet today… I never said anything about wanting you, Or anything of that nature… You live HOW far away from me? Undoubtedly I will never meet you in my life… So I am sorry if you took that was too personally…
[14:29] Jenny: I feel sorry for your female coworkers, or any other female you might be in contact with. You really need to learn some manners, grow up, and get a life.
[14:30] Jenny: I’m sick of internet creeps like you ruining it for girls that just want to have a nice CLEAN conversation with people. It’s because of your kind that I have an ignore list. Welcome to it.

Man, I was on a roll that day. It still makes me laugh!