Picture Time!

Alright, first on the block is my nephew Tyler. He’s so hilarious, and my proof is his graduation photo, professionally taken in school.

He’s happy…. really, he is.

My brother had to bribe him with hot wheels to get him to wear the cap and gown again for the actual graduation.

Just a little ray of sun shine, wouldn’t you say? What can ya do? If he hates the cap and gown, he hates the cap and gown! Besides, I’d be scowling like that too if I had some lady with claws making me wear a stupid paper hat.

If dillweed would send my photo albums back to me, I could show how similar Tyler and Keith are… but alas, he can’t even handle filling out divorce papers without mumsy and daddy’s help, so I can hardly expect a few photo albums being shipped. I mean, it’s only been a year.

On that bitter note, I shall move on to the next picture.

I thought perhaps not showing all of B-renda’s face that I might have been unjustly making her look bad.

Buuuut… I wasn’t. Proof is in the puddin’. Can you see the 5 o’clock shadow and the beginnings of a mustache? Can we say… electrolysis? I’ve yet to get the nerve to actually touch it and see if it’s scruffy, but I will!

What the mudder-feek is wrong with my brothers?