Rights Reserved!

In the past few weeks I’ve moaned and complained about my family (namely my sister) numerous times, I admit. Being that this is a journal of sorts, that’s what a person does in it, no? Well, granted it’s open for public comments, yadda yadda, I expect more from people I know better than just the average blogger/internet user that happens across my blog.

There are very few exceptions made for comments like:

“Your family needs shock treatment, fo shizzle.” to be followed by,

“My parents are surprisingly well adjusted.”

Granted my parents are not the sanest people in the world, but they love me, and just about every other human on this planet so saying they need shock treatment…. that’s not nice. I reserve all rights for such comments about my family, and those who I allow to make such comments know who they are (don’t worry Meghan, Meghan’s family, & Keith this means you) The rest of you need to keep things like that to yourselves unless you’d like me to unleash the demons. Believe me, you don’t want that.

Now, I need to go poor Bob’s salt down the drain so he stops using it.

You see what happens when you declare war?