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Well, I have to say I was shocked to find out my kitty is a super hero! I was outside with mom, and as usual had the camera with me so I could take pictures of our mommy sparrow’s babies in the backyard. I gave her a plastic bag earlier in the day and forgot how hard she plays with them… wierdo kitty.

Fighting evil bugs and little rodents for the greater good of our household!

Her tail was in one handle, and her head was out the other. Funniest thing she’s done in a while!

It was about 90 degrees here today so I gave Tresse a bath in the driveway. She was tuckered out afterwards and layed down, putting her head in the towel. Hard life being a dog, wouldn’t you say?

Mommy Sparrow just after she fed her babies. More baby pictures soon, hopefully!

& Mommy House Wren – we’re not sure she has babies or if she’s getting ready to have them.