Spring is EVIL

Oh yes, Spring has most assuredly sprung. Not quite sure because it’s freezing outside? Just look at Jenny’s nose! It’s as red as rudolph’s! You know what that means, kiddies! Spring time! Yay!

Uuuuugh! Here’s why:

Example 1: See the budding, flowering trees? *sniffle*

Example 2: A closer look at the eeevilness. *snuffle-sniffle*

Example 3: Another example of the eeeeevil! *nose itch*

Example 4: See it? I bet your eyes are itching just looking at that pink frilliness!
I know mine are!

Example 5: Don’t let the delicate little white buds fool you. They’re EVIL!

Example 6: Aww… so pretty… yeah… and EVIL! *ahhh-choooo!*

These are just a few examples of why I feel like a mac truck hit me this morning when I got up! But atleast they’re purdy! Yeah… purdy evil.

The green pollen is EVERYwhere. Benadryl is my friend.

Shoot me.