My mom didn’t like the little fish. She wants her pond to be on (meaning the waterfall running) and the wee fishies can’t really handle the current, as David and I found out the day we put them in. There were about 8 to 10 of them stuck in the filter part swimming around. So she gave them all to David. Instead she wants new fish that are bigger. More power to her! I did my good deed for the month. It’s a good thing I got her a lilac bush as well.

One of the cuties in the pond

Anyway, I’ve been feeling so low lately. Like a complete and utter loser. My mom asked me to “work” for her and Bob, I think mostly to use me as her beckon call girl, but when my brother says things like, “…that’s why you’re sitting here jobless.” she doesn’t say anything to stick up for me. So screw that crap, I guess I’ll have to go on the great hunt for a job again.

I’m a loser.

I need a nap.