Blast from the Past

So, I said I would say more about Adam when I found out more, here goes.

I think he’s mostly changed, but there’s hints of the old him in there. I’m a little worried he’ll reattach himself and that’s really not what I need in my life right now. I’ve kept everything on a purely friend-like basis and it’s been pretty smooth so far. My mom’s sure he’ll be on me like a duck on a june bug, and he does make compliments frequently, but it’s hard for me to think he’d be all interested like that. His not being in a current relationship might be a problem, but I’ve yet to see any signs of weirdness involving that area, so it’s been nice! Though, he did say that he hadn’t dated anyone for like… 3 years or so after we broke up. That’s no good.

I talk to him mostly while he’s at work… and he told me about when he called his parents and they asked about me. It’s odd; I always figured his parents would hate my guts after our break-up. Apparently his mother was blunt and took the opportunity to remind him that it was HIS fault we broke up, and his Dad wanted details about how we started talking again and what was said.

I’m leery of talking to him on the phone, but I did it anyway. We had several really funny conversations about different things. Like “JunkHelmets ™ (patent pending)” – which I made up for what reason I forget. It’s the new name of protective junk cups. I thought with a name like that… who would pass up buying it! And I could make them so if a guy is kicked in the junk it plays a song like… “We are the Champion”. Anyway, it was really funny. Guess you had to be there!

I took Lisa to the doctors and had a good time, actually. She says the funniest stuff. She had a biopsy done on her breast and they removed some kind of infection. She tells me while we’re waiting in the waiting room that she has a crush on her doctor. I said, “Oh yeah?” and she said, “I secretly call him the breast master… you know, like beast master?” and I laughed. I said, “What’s he look like?” and she explained him to me… And said that she thought he was probably a Scorpio or… another sign I can’t remember. So I asked, “Why do you think he’s a Scorpio?” She replied, “Well, he sees a problem and attacks it right away.” And I nodded. Riiiiight. Like a scorpion. Gotcha. Man, that girl is hilarious. I’m almost looking forward to the next visit!

F-F-Freakin’ Furnace!

Well, as of last night the furnace decided it was far too hard to continue on with life, and committed suicide. My brother David looked it over and nodded sadly, it was gone. The motor was only running on half power, making it impossible to get started. So, I slept with 2 blankets and a little heater supplied by my “I’m not getting soft, so I’m not sharing my heater” brother. Ha … not getting soft. Doesn’t he know even he can’t deal with my sulkiness? I had suggested we put his little heater in the hallway so we both could warm up with it and he said, “I’m not getting that soft.” I looked all forlorn and when I walked up to my room there it was, humming away all hot and happy. Hopefully I’ll get a hold of Alpine and all will be well again by today.

I went to lunch earlier this week with Meghan, Elek, Christina, and Meghan’s mom and had SUCH a blast. It is sooo nice to get together with them and just babble about stuff. I really miss the time we used to spend sometimes, and I wish I lived closer. Next time, Meghan, it’s MY treat!

So, I don’t know if anyone that’s not into role-playing knows about what a MUSH is. MUSH stands for Multi-User Shared Hallucination. There are several different versions of the same kind of multi-user thing, so when referring to role-playing environments most people say MU*, because the star can be substituted for whatever type of environment it is.

When I was in high school I used to frequent one that was set in a kewl setting with a few friends and pretend I was prettier and older than I really was through a character. ANYWAY, the point is, I used to play with an old boyfriend, Adam. Well, I got busy with my life, moved, etc.. and stepped away and forgot all about it. Until recently I found an oooold book I used for a journal in Italy and then afterwards as just basically scrap paper. Has a picture Meghan and I drew together, pretty funny, and the name of this MUSH. So I was curious enough one night to go looking around for it and found it. I stepped back into the world, and lo and behold, who did I run into? Adam. That’s right! For anyone that knows me from way back in the day knows I had a dramatic, soap opera relationship with Adam, and it ended rather sourly. I glanced at the name he’d always used and was too intimidated to actually say anything to him. So, when he logged out I sent him a little mail that you can send through the MUSH that just basically asked if it was the same person. He responded a few days later about there only being one, and it was him. My stomach tied into a knot immediately. I had moved on and forgotten bad stuff, but had he? I mean, what if he started back where he left off when we’d broken it off? So, his next sentence made me smile because he said something about how if he had offended me in the past, he was sorry. He didn’t remember me! I responded with, “You don’t remember me, Adam?” and he said he thought he did, and did my name start with a T? (I had played with a friend Tara) I said, “Noo.. I’m another blast from your past. My name starts with a J.. then E.. etc etc..” and then ducked to wait for the explosion.

It never came. He said “Nooo… it couldn’t be.” And I responded with, “Oh yeah, it’s me.” I then braced myself again. He seemed happy to be talking to me! It was soooo weird. I don’t know if anyone has ever run into someone after being out of touch for like… 9-10 years… but it’s like the time in between never happened. He knew me rather well back then and wow, has he ever changed! Clearly no longer psychotic. Big plus. And sooo funny.. I don’t remember him being so funny. We exchanged pictures and he looks a lot different too. He’s a lawyer now (I knew he always would be) and living in VA about 7 minutes from Washington. He remembered Meghan and thought her baby was absolutely adorable… but…who wouldn’t? He asked about a trillion questions, and I started remembering stuff I had stored waaaaaaay in the back of my head about him. Man, it was so weird. It is so weird. Anyway, we talked for quite a few hours and then I had to sleep or I’d pass out at the computer. I was already falling asleep between his messages because he only writes like paragraphs at a time! Clearly he’s not a regular instant messenger. *snort* I told him about my relationship history with a groan, and he told me about his. He’s not married, although he tricked me in the beginning because he knows… or does now at least… that I’m gullible. Anyway… when I find out more … then more will come. Ta!