Family Woes

Well, I forgot to include a picture of Tresse on Halloween. It’s incredibly sweet… so I just gotta!

Now, how can you not smile at that picture?

This weekend I’m taking a little break from my family. My grandpa died last tuesday and I’ve been stressed out worrying about my mom. She keeps telling me how I’m helping her by being there for her…. but the things she tells me is making me upset.

Like, she’s all upset my uncle or her nephew took a penny jar my grandpa used to put pennies in. Well, …. la-te-da! I would have liked a full house of stuff that was my dad’s after he died, but she couldn’t get rid of it fast enough! The things I have I have had to grab and keep hold of, so excuse me if I’m not upset about a penny jar. She said to me… “You wouldn’t understand what I’m going through.” And my reply to that was, “Right, because I donno what it’s like to lose a father.” to which she replied sarcastically, “Thanks, Jenny, you’re really helping me out here.”

Whatevah. So, my brother should be back this week and since he’s been down there with my mom, I think escaping from hearing about all the stuff that happened down there is better. I know it’ll just either make me mad, or make me sad. And right now, I’ve really had more than I can bare. Being the one to tell my mom about my grandpa passing away, telling all my siblings, yadda yadda yadda… then being told I’m not helping out? Nah, … not a good idea to be here. My mom keeps telling me how helpful David is being, and all I can think of is what he’s really wanting from all this? There’s always some reason he’s being nice… and in this case, I think it’s to get my grandpa’s lincoln. He’s been working on it an awful lot, so… we’ll see. And my mom hasn’t even called my brother Van yet… who is like… getting his feelings hurt about it. And rightly so! Anyway, that’s my rant for the day!

And Meggers, I’ll call you tonight! Sorry I missed your call, I was out with the dog and didn’t see the answering machine blinking until waaaaay later when I was headed to bed and turned the light out by the machine.


Centering Myself

Alright, so I’m feeling guilty for not writing in a while … again!

To update with my wonderful, wonderful life..

Yes, Colin left that Saturday, to my utter delight, and has asked to come back. This time he wanted to come back to stay. I thought, great… now he’s into drugs! There’s no other reason someone could be so dillusional. I’m sure he remembered how it was before we were married and he was here. No rent, no work, A LOT of computer time, and anything else he wanted at his finger tips. Well, sorry idiot, not this time.

When I left Canada, I took only my computer and 2 suitcases full of clothes. I packed 3 garbage bags full to give to good will, but still had some left over that didn’t get in the case. Mostly winter stuff, and nothing I couldn’t replace. I never asked for anything else. Not the dishes I brought with me from when I moved from Washington, not any DVDs, or CDs, TVs, my albums, rollerblades, nothing like that. I brought myself, my computer.. and what I could jam into my suitcase. I put what was left of some money I’d had into the bank account and decided I’d slowly use what I had to. Well, mr. wonderful decided since I told him that I was NEVER going to get back together with him, that he’d close our joint and open an account for himself only. Nevermind half of what is in that account is mine, half of what is in the suite is mine, and that I’m eligable for alimony.

That stupid, stupid little idiot. I swear, if there was any emotion for him left in me it’d be hate… but… you have to actually care about someone enough to hate them, and I just don’t care. What I do care about is leaving his arse in the lurch, and hope he gets his come-uppance some day. Karma, my friend, is very very cruel… thank goodness.

My parents have left for Florida, leaving me in the house with my brother David. He and Colin are 2 peas in a pod, I swear. Both complete idiots. David put a lock on his door like I’ll be eager to get into his petrolium jelly covered room, ha! The only reason I need to go in there is to get my things from the attic. He had me fix his computer numerous times, hence the reason I found out about everything covered in petrolium jelly. Yes, that’s right.. vaseline. One can only imagine (dear God, don’t imagine) what one would do with vaseline at the computer. Mmhmm. Not to mention the porn sites saved on his favorites. Icky.

Anyway, gonna go over to Van’s and watch some comedy thing. Toodles!